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Map your grill

Let's just say I know my grill. I know how it will behave in wind, heat waves, snow (of course I grill when it is snowing), and rain. I know the hot spots will move depending on the weather conditions.

So, for new propane grillers out there I say map your propane grill like you mapped your face to get an awesome shave. While most of you probably know this already some folks don't. I had to explain it to someone who just got a propane gill after spending his life with charcoal.

I know where the cool and hot parts are, and I know they move depending on the weather. In the summer, when it is 107 degrees the hottest part of the grill is the front left quadrant and turning the left burner down to low is the same as medium for the center and right burners. In the winter the hot spot moves to the front center. Rainy monsoon weather as well as snow makes for pretty even grilling, though monsoon season means a hotter over all grill. Winter is a good time for low and slow.
all i know is the steak goes with the grate first, for 3 minutes, than against the grate...
(must confess, not very experienced with gasers)
I've noticed there is more variance between hot and cold spots with propane vs the charcoal I've started to explore. Getting a good feel for where the spots are is a definite must if you plan on going past the general hots and burgers on the grill type setup.
Infra-thermometer works well. I dunno about mapping it but it sure helps to get to known the hot spoots - just like a brick oven.
Better. Sear steaks at 750, just like a fancy steakhouse. Wood fired pizza at 600. All day, no tend, slow & low at 250 for a loin or turkey or...

Heavy ceramic totally has no issue with outside temps or wind. About 15 mins for me to dial in the temp I want and walk away. Temp normally will slowly climb another 25 degree or so over a 4 hour cook. does take a while to learn it.

I keep a small gasser next to it for quick burgers, dogs and such. It isn't as tastey, but sometimes quick, and still good, wins.

I now sell Traegers and Green Eggs. I suspect a Traeger will also be on the patio in the near future. Not as versatile, but works better for big smokes like butts and briskets. Spent Saturday with the Traeger rep, we did 3 butts for a small event, actually we mostly stood around talking to folks while the meat cooked. Mapping is a need with Traeger, wind does affect hot spots & temps.
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