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Manufacture of Shaving Creams

Can anyone tell me how glycerin shaving creams are made? I know how to make soap. I read somewhere on here that creams were made as far back as the late 1800's. But I can't find any info from a google search how creams are produced.

Thanks for any info you can provide.
Nobody? I'll bump this one last time in case someone knows. If not, It'll just remain a mystery.
Can't provide a direct answer. However, it seems to me that maybe a few months to a year ago, someone on B&B, Shavemyface or another shaving forum asked a similar question, and got an answer from one of the ladies who makes both soaps and creams. May have been Saint Sue. May have been another one whose name I don't recall. Can't offer an opinion on where to start a forum search since I do not remember the specifics of the title, let alone which forum. Sorry I can't be more definitive, but I do know I read it.
I had posted a short series of photos quite awhile ago here:

I'm not sure if someone else posted too??

We no longer use the Kitchen Aid because of it adding air. A big stainless steel pot on the stove works. The only drawback is when it is boiling hot, it really sputters (about 2 feet out of the pot) and it's easy to get burned. Don't ask how I know.

That was really interesting, I've always wanted an idea on how shaving cream was made!
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