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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by trashcanmagic, Jun 7, 2019.

    Looking for info on this frag.

    There appear to be several variations. In the absence of information, I'd probably lean towards the original.

    FWIW I prefer scents with low projection but Ive seen conflicting information whether this one is really strong or really weak.
  1. Have you looked at Fragrantica?
  2. There's satin, silk and cashmere....Ive only tried satin and it's a jammy rose
    concoction. Might be better on a woman but they're meant to be unisex.

    MFK is an amazing perfumer....Twisted Lily sells a sampler with 6-8 15ml
    bottles...great value.

    Lumière Noire is my favorite by far.
  3. I have, but I had a difficult time with it. Seems like a very specific crowd & they seem to have as a goal strong projection and long lastingness, the former of which is not what I want and the latter is not super critical.

    I grabbed samples of the original and silk, I will report back.
  4. My experience with oud is that virtually any Oud fragrance will be long lasting and project heavily. If that isn't your thing, you will have a hard time with Oud in general. Sandalwood maybe easier to find one or two that don't project like crazy.

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  5. ShaverGN

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    You can order samples directly from MFK and get a credit towards future purchase.
  6. thanks for the heads up.

    I decided the only way to solve the problem was to go ahead and order samples, so I have.
  7. I hope they work out for you. To my nose, the Oud was the least "oudy" of them. I get mainly saffron from that one. The others in the "mood" series (Satin Mood, Silk Mood, Cashmere Mood, and Velvet mood) have the oud note more front and center. As far as projection and longevity, Oud was weaker on me than the ones from the "mood" series.

    Let us know how you get on with them.
  8. I got a sample of Oud, Silk and they threw in a Satin (which from description I didnt think I would like as much).

    I will be ordering Satin. The other two dont quite do it enough for me to justify the 300+ price tag, but Satin does so I will go ahead and get it.
  9. If its 300+ seems like you're buying the extrait. I find the standard versions
    very strong as well. Monster presence.

    Another label that does great (and some would say, a more authentic smelling) oud is Amouage.
    My favourite is Epic Man.
  10. The only Oud frag I have liked so far has been Floris Leather Oud. Most people prefer their Honey Oud, but I find it too feminine.
  11. Having now had about a month with Satin Mood, I am exceptionally pleased.

    It's quite strong even in EDP form, I guess, but not so much that people comment when I wear under clothes (which is to my preference). Scent is to taste, I guess, but I *really* like it. I don't get a ton of the oud but it's there. Definitely sweeter than traditionally 'cologne' but again that suits me personally.

    Price is what it is. If you want something and nothing else will do, then it's reasonably priced, I guess.
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    Interesting on-line reviews, at least of the basic oud scent. Most do not think there is much oud there. European oud, someone quipped. Some think still a nice frag, but more saffron and other notes than oud. Some say if you want oud, get real oud. I see that point, but real oud is pretty strong for my purposes. I agree that Floris Leather Oud is nice.

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