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LOTH Participation PIF Phase #1

I recently put a PIF out into the Forumverse that asked the recipient to continue PIFing in the spirit of my PIF. I have no doubt that the recipient will honor that request and has already done so.

So here I go again (ish). I began shaving with DE razors and reaping all the benefits that lay therein about a year ago. Imagine my excitement when a couple months ago my lovely bride said "Huh, your kinda into this. I shave too. Whatcha think might work for me?"

My answer, whilst trembling from hope and validation, was "Here is a Rockwell 6c that I think might suit you... Maybe, Ummm, Errr, Gosh, I sure do hope so... (Inwardly [sincerely], please let this work out). Result = Solid... she likes it and I get to change the blades for her making me continue to feel useful.

So here we are with the PIF. I am first putting out the question of what does this PIF look like? My wife couldn't be less interested in soaps, brushes, creams, or really anything other than what offered a good/comfortable shave for a better price. Maybe your SWMBO has a different idea. Maybe you have NO idea.

So I propose a PIF geared towards the amazing ladies that support us in so many innumerable ways inside and outside of our shaving hobby.

So here is my plan... And it may truly be lame, but my heart is true...

A) What do you think your spouse might enjoy/buy into? (Razor, brush, soap, cream, whatevs) Serious applicants only need respond.

1) I am putting out a Merkur 23c as I believe a mild entry level razor with a long handle might be well suited to the fairer sex.

2) I say we bombard the recipient from many different addresses. ie whatcha got to offer up?

So I am looking for participants right now in 2 groups. The main being what you would like to offer up, the second being what you think your significant other might be interested in.

Does this PIF make any sense at all.


Great concept!! :a21: :a21:

Unfortunately, LOTH here thinks that I am a bit nuts with this hobby. She puts up with it because she prefers to have me clean shaven and this is substantially less expensive than any of my other hobbies!
I think it is a great PIF idea. My wife uses a Lady Gillette. She loves soap scents, coconut, pineapple, strawberry, hot apple cider, and more. Soap samples are always a great idea, especially for a new lady shaver.

I can offer a mix of blades, maybe half a dozen tucks.

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