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Liquid Glycerin - Where to buy in store

Some drugstores keep it with the GI stuff rather than in the skin care section.

If you have a shaving soap whose lather is too fluffy or not dense enough for your tastes, a few drops added during lathering will make it much richer.

It is also a very good moisturizer, but it has to be watered down at least 1:1. You can approximate this by applying it to a face that already has water on it. If you apply it straight onto dry skin, it will actually make your skin drier rather than moisturizing it.
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I bought a large bottle of glycerin at a CVS or Walgreens years ago and it's still 90% full. Lately, I've been adding it to Thayer's Facial Toner. Makes a great, non-greasy winter moisturizer.