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Lion engraved Tech open comb on the 'bay

Looks like a Minora branded OC Tech.

I've seen the Gillette and Nacet versions but never one with the Minora Lion.

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Wow, you really are after a tech open comb!

One thing i've noticed in the few pictures i've seen of these open comb heads is that the gap between the teeth all vary in size. What I mean by this is that generally all tech SB heads are the same, but the OC heads, the teeth (tooth?) gap, shape or size is different, like there was no standard and someone just did it willy nilly
Wow, you really are after a tech open comb!

Yeah - if I see a Gillette one with the diamond handle for a good price I will probably try it out for fun.

The lion was interesting, but after looking at it I really didn't care for the design (the eye and whiskers looked really off to me). I almost bid for the handle, but ultimately it didn't beat out my other handles.

The Nacet logo I find even more unaesthetic, for some reason. Which, to be honest, is too bad . . . I mean, who doesn't like to shave with half of a crocodile in the morning? :001_tt2:
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