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Life time shave set

This question might take some thought.
If some one was to set you up ,at no cost to your self. What would your choice of razor, blade, soap or cream, bush and aftershave be? Here's the catch. This would be the only shaving products that you could use for the rest of your life.
I already know the answer (at least for me), this is my "go-to" setup:
Merkur Progress
Red Personna
Captain's Choice Bay Rum
Plisson pour L'Occitane synthetic
Captain's Choice Bay Rum
Thater 26 mm 2 band
Cold River Soap Works Sandalwood
GFT sandalwood skin food
Penhaligon 1870 EDT

great set up for me but I'd still miss the variety
This isn't very difficult for me as I only use, principally, one razor, soap, blade, balm, EO. However, the brush would be a great challenge as I have quite a few lovelies! :biggrin1:

* Weber DLC
* Super Iridium
* Mystic Water
* Unrefined Shea Butter + Bergamot/Vetiver EO
* Brush ? :blush:
40's Super Speed
7'oclock black blade
omega 10066 boar
mikes coconut soap
aqua Velva ice sport

The razor is a no brainer for me, I just prefer the 40's SS over techs, slims, fat boys, super adjustables, newer SS's. I even have 3 of them, so I can do a rotation, lol!
Astra SP
Simpson Case
Penhaligon's English Fern tallow soap
Floid Blue

I use the first three regularly. I might have a different brush answer if I tried a few more. I loved the English Fern soap, but didn't want to get hooked on something I couldn't find readily so I sold my puck after one use. Floid Blue is not cheap, but it is my narrow favorite of 20 aftershaves I have tried. Clubman is a close, close second.
Dad's '59 Gillette Fat Boy
Personna Lab Blues
Simpson Colonel X2L in Best Badger
Tabac (puck)
Captain's Choice Cat 'o Nine Tails

The only item that I can possibly see changing is the blade. I'm pretty sure the other items on the list will be constant, but who knows?
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Merkur Futur razor
Feather hi-Stainless blades
Stirling Executive Man soap
Simpson's Chubby
Stirling's Margaritas in the Arctic AS
Castle Forbes Lime
SOC Cherry Boar
Mennen Skin Bracer Wild Moss

It's nice to see someone who remembers Wild Moss. I loved that stuff, but it's been out of production for decades, right? Wouldn't it be nice if someone uncovered a warehouse full of the stuff.
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