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Lambda Athena

I’d say the Karve Overlander is very similar in efficiency and smoothness for me. But this one is shiny and shoots water from the sides. And it has a mahogany box.

Anyway, efficiency is very good - results will match any good medium-high aggression razor (Wolfman WR2 1.25, Carbon Cx, Blackland Vector, etc. - but it is a very mild shaver and more comfortable than any of those. Like the Overlander.

The deceptive thing about the Athena is that you perceive significant blade feel when your stubble is long, and then the perception of blade feel reduces with each pass. Actually there is no blade feel - it‘s an illusion - the Athena has zero blade exposure and once you realise that you stop feeling it. I can‘t explain it but my guess is that the human brain misinterprets the sound of cutting as a feeling of steel on your face. But it means you feel like you are getting a shave with just the right amount of blade feel for each pass, and your skin doesn’t get the irritation that such blade feel might cause.
Thank you. Resistance was futile. It's shiny, shoots water and has a mahogany box.....I ordered one today.
Get thee behind me, satan. My wallet is MINE.
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