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Ken Surfs -

At least no one to this point has called it the "Worst" shaving bowl so there is that!!:a30:
Now that made me laugh but let's not forget - it would never just be "Worst" but must always be "WORST."

We had a lot of fun with that and I enjoyed it, I really did. I think the guys did as well, lots of entertainment for us in that thread. I'll be transparent and say my initial reaction was to exhale slowly. After a moment I thought, hey let's have a good time with this and we did.

Don't mind saying it was good for sales as well.


Terrific exposure, Scott! I hadn’t seen any of Ken’s videos but immediately found him likable. If he did anything wrong, it was the lighting. Your bowls are much more shiny and beautiful than his portrays.
I personally like Captains Choice products and I've watched more of Ken's videos than is likely healthy.

I didn't see any offense intended in the use of the term expert and the pettiness in this thread is disheartening.

It's a fun hobby guys - don't suck the joy out of it by getting upset that someone is called an expert.

It is a great shaving bowl. I have one and love it.

I also would consider Ken an expert opinion after all the gear he has tried.


I wish I still had all the software and hardware I have tried over the years. I would be the expert of all experts!