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Just used Proraso Green soap instead of the cream...

I absolutely love the Proraso Green cream and have used it as a regular go-to since getting into DE's. Found that creams in general were easier to lather up.

But after getting a wonderful cheap Semogue Boar brush rather than my usual (and expensive) best badgers I am falling in love with using soaps instead. With a boar backbone lathering is a breeze and the layer I get on is so much better.

And so - as my PG cream was running out I decided to give the soap a try. Also to see if it worked better than the cream which I sometimes find a bit too 'runny'.

And must say this stuff is even better. Better smell, better texture and much easier to use, lathers up really really fast. Learning of the day!!
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I'm just getting into Proraso and I gotta say this stuff is amazing. I've only used Williams Arco and derby soaps and I find them all pretty much the same but the smell of the Proraso line of soaps is absolutely amazing in comparison.
IMO Proraso soaps work better with boar brushes. Actually you can say that with any soap, soft or hard along w/creams. For me, boar brushes are best for lathering.
I just used the Proraso Green soap and AS splash the other day, and it felt so good in the hot weather. My Omega 48 boar does a great job with this soap.
Couldn't agree more with your nice comments, Gents, thank you!

As a matter of fact, I am considering another boar brush - any suggestions to specific ones (I will definitely check the Omega 48)...?

PS I really like the 23mm width of my Semogue 1520, am considering the Semogue 830.
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As an Arko/Williams user Proraso green is my "fancy" expensive soap. I'm not one for badgers, but I've found that PG gives up great lather with synthetics as well as with boars. But to me there's nothing more satisfying or pleasurable in shaving than a big soft Zenith boar slapping that thick Proraso goodness around my face!
The proraso tub and the cream are the same product, with the only difference that the tub is more dehydrated than the cream, because it is let to sit more days in open air before final packaging. So if you find the cream more runny, it's because you use more water than what you really need. While the soap, being more concentrated and more dehydrated, with the same amount of water will present itself more dense, if you load it heavily.

I had the same reaction at first too when i passed from cream to soap. Then i understood, adjusted the water and get identical lather.
Proraso Green is my go to soap & cream aswell. Both are excellent and i reach for whatever i'm in the mood for. Especially the Italian Croaps just scream to be lathered with that boar brush. I use the Omega 48 too.
Soft soaps do well with Marco's method and boar brush. You get tons of lather that way. The speed of loading the ratio of water to soap works much better with a boar brush. I use an Omega pro, which is larger than most of the Semogues.
Yesterday it was P. Green soap and my Semougue 2000, today P Red soap and my Epsilon White horse hair. both brush are great side quests on the journey. It seems I also grab my 'alternate' brushes with Italians.
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