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Just Twenty Minutes Exercise Accountability Thread

Goal: reduce cortisol levels.

Plan: 20 minutes of strenuous cardio (85 % effort), four times a week for six weeks.

Open to everyone and good luck.
Great thread. I did a little today, maybe 10 minutes. I miss the gym as I felt more motivated there.

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Strength training: barbell rows, shoulder press and hold for 20 seconds. Forty minutes on air bike. Had plenty of fuel. Week 2 Day 1.
Sunday. Week 2. Workout 5.
50 minutes on the elliptical.

After all these years of being active I experienced my first runner’s high. It was awesome!



Weights plus elliptical

One hour on air bike

Ski Erg

Week 3 done.
Alarm goes off at 0530. Wife and I go for a 15 min walk (1.3 km measured) before I cook breakfast for us and head into work. She currently works from home due to the COVID, and takes the same walk during her lunch. I take a 4.8 km walk once each weekend.

Tomorrow I am going to start letting the kid who works under me put me through my paces . . . just calisthenics, but I am an old fat man looking to be less so, so any little bit helps, at this point.
Monday Week 5 Day 1
I have been using the Keelo app ands it does the job. Workouts are similar to CrossFit. Today was Thrusters followed by a 5K row.