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If you don't mind getting your hands dirty and can do your own maintenance I would recommend a large frame garden tractor from Simplicity or Allis Chalmers. A 7116, 7117 or 7119 Simplicity w/ a 48" deck would work just fine. AC equivalents are AC916, AC917 and AC919. Sometimes you'll see an "H" behind the model number. That denotes they are hydrostatic. Attachments are available and parts can still be had through a dealer. These machines can be had for under a grand very easily. Take in mind that they are all at least 20 years old and can be finicky, though. www.simpletractors.com is a good source of info for these machines.

Whatever you decide I would recommend a garden tractor versus a lawn tractor or even a ZTR. You're going to find that you'll want to do more than cut grass. With that much property and the horse barn, I'm guessing you'll probably end up wanting something w/ a front end loader (FEL).



Thanks Steve! I will seriously consider it. I am needing to stay under $1,000 if possible. I think a front-end loader would eventually be handy.

Dustin, congratulations on the beautiful ranch! I know your little boy and soon to be born baby girl, will love growing up there. :thumbup:

Hey TB, thanks man!


Congratulations on the new home! Having just gone through the process myself (on a new build, no less), I can appreciate the highs and lows. Looks like you came out clean on the other side...gorgeous property!...and 5 acres no less!

I'm still working on getting my 2 acres of mud to sprout grass. :biggrin:

It's nice to see a home buying thread that's actually about buying a home. :smile:

Congratulations on the new place. I like the front yard!

If you look really closely, I think I did end up building a house somewhere in that thread.

Let me first say congratulations to Dustin, great job.

Very good, it's always better to own then to rent. No point collecting a drawer full of rent recipts, right?

I find home ownership to be an exersize in your ability to fix things that brake without notice on a Sunday just after the hardware closes. Good luck and the place looks great!:smile:

Not to rain on your parade - plenty of calculations have been done that actually show renting is far and away cheaper than buying over the life of a traditional 30 year home loan. Now I know a lot of factors play into these calcs but from a top down look, go ahead, crunch the numbers, you will find the interest most folks have to carry on their loan is what makes the forementioned statement true.

A $300k 30 yr fixed 6% loan will run you $347.5k intrest.
Great deal huh? You can pay a lot more than 30 years rent with $647.4k.

Now renting can't begin to touch the freedom you have in owning your own home.

That said, I am currently looking to buy after renting all my life and join the ranks of other broke home owners :wink2:
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Congrats DL...I see an out building where my cowboy boots will eventually be crafted!!

Yes sir! That will be the temporary shop until I get a high enough bidder on my soul so that I can afford to build an actual building.:biggrin:

My good sir, congratualtions on your homestead! I wish you many many years of comfort and peace at your beautiful new home :)
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