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Ok, going to see how this suggestion from @Jay21 works out...I kinda like it. Cheers

Very Exciting News Today.

I've been in contact with Victor from Smart-Helix for quite some time now and although the situation hasn't improved much at all if any, the guys at S-H have managed to produce something new and different in design and configuration.
A new shaving brush. This is pretty amazing when you consider how it came to be under the worst circumstances for design, materials and manufacturing.
I've done a pretty in-depth review of the brush over in the Shaving Brush area along with pictures. Should you want more info, pics and a video you can go to smart-helix.com or visit their FB page both will direct you to the video on YouTube as well. I will try to answer any questions but I know Victor will be happy to do so himself. Please be patient as power outages are unfortunately an almost daily occurrence in Ukraine these days.

I never could throw a ball worth a damn either. And darts? I'm as likely to hit someone standing behind me as I am to hit the target.

I've always been strong though, and with good cardiac endurance, so if you need a guy to schlepp a heavy pack up a mountain, I'm your man.

I guess you could say... I play to my strengths. badaboom?
So yesterday, I went to get my clubs fitted. I thought I was going to be using my clubs and I did for a bit just so the instructor/pro could see what was going on with what I had and my swing etc. After that he starts trotting out different heads and shafts. He mixes and matches a few and not so surprisingly they feel better than mine. Of course mine are 25 + years old and as he said "technology has come a LOOOONG way since you had these done". Fair enough. I don't think I was looking for new clubs but rather how to improve what I had. That's not the way it works...to improve them I pretty much have to replace them.
He also made an observation about my rather eclectic set of sticks..."So you kinda like shopping from those infomercials...eh"?
Guilty, I have a chipper, several wedges etc I thought would improve things. The wedges are 58 and 70 degrees. The 70 you cant hit further than 28 yards unless you skull it. He tells me you need a PW, a SW and a "gap" wedge...that's it. Ok then.
I also have two "rescue" clubs...hybrids. After watching me he said those are not your friends. Sigh
Now on the positive side the pro told me he liked my swing and my swing speed was just fine. Before I was hitting my 7 iron about 130-135 yards. I used to hit further but I'm older. Trying the new sticks and with one particular combo I'm hitting the 7 between 150 and 170 with some roll. Now I'm getting interested.
He also put together new 5 and 7 woods. I love my current driver and am going to keep using it. It's probably the best club I have...or hit. Tried the 5 and 7 and was getting good results. He doesn't believe I need a 3 and the 7 was doing what the rescue clubs were supposed to do.
This was a good session and the pro is going to put together the sticks info and pricing for me. I can only imagine what the costing is going to be. The new set will be the 6,7,8,9, PW, SW and GW. Plus the 5 and 7 woods. This cuts down my number of sticks quite a bit. I'm going to keep using the chipper though. Then it's a sale of all the other golf clubs.

Todays shave was really good which kinda surprised me. I bought an Envoy from John @cajunrph a while ago and after using it a few times was kind of meh about it, so I put it aside for a while. Today I dragged it out and teamed it with a PolSilver on its 6th round. Well, I was pleasantly amazed. A very nice 3 pass shave that was as good as most of my other shavers...and with a used blade no less.
I used my S-H brush with the travel handle, Stirling "Executive Man" soap and my Tanaka lather bowl. Scraped some soap into the bowl and whipped up a great lather very quickly. The brush is working well with mug/bowl and face lathering.
So far the day is going really well and this afternoon I'm going to try out oil pastels...never used them before.
You all have a great day.

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