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JM Fraser's shaving cream

This is one brand of shaving cream made in Canada which I really enjoy when I'm able to get a hold of it. I can't say a heck of a lot about the packaging, it's a huge white, blue and red jar, but the cream itself has a nice light lemony scent, and does it ever lather like mad! :eek: :eek: It gives fantastic moisturizing and comfort, and it's not expensive. It's very difficult to find it now, I last saw it in a barbershop I used to go to a couple of years ago.

I just picked up a 450mL tub of it at Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply at 100 Dundas St. W. in Toronto for $9.95 CDN, four days ago. It'll last me many months, possibly a year or more. The gentleman at the store recommended it over everything else, calling attention to the fact that it contains glycerin. His only suggestion was to make sure to tightly reseal the lid after every use.

Take my ratings with a grain of salt: this is the only 'serious' product I've reviewed so far, so I have nothing to compare it with. This qualification notwithstanding, I'm very happy with it. It does indeed lather quickly and very well, and has a pleasant scent. It needs to be rinsed off thoroughly for my face to feel fresh :w00t: , but I'm sure that holds for any cream.
Thanks for the heads up about TBBS stocking this.

For any other Torontonians, TBBS is a great place to get reasonably-priced shaving gear.
Serious value for money here. Almost half a litre of shave cream for just under $10 cdn. Quality that can match shave creams costing many times more. It makes you wonder what the big guys make on selling those tubs of shave cream for $35. Very slick and moisturising, I had very little resistance shaving against the grain, which is a test of any good shave cream or soap. I still have to practice with the water/cream ratio on this cream, I ended up with way too much lather as a result of adding more cream for a mix that was too wet to begin with. The end result of my first shave with this cream resulted in a smooth comfortable shave in which my face felt really nice and moisturised afterward.

A top-notch shave cream from a very old Canadian barber supplier. They have been making this cream since 1956!
Jeff - thanks for this recommendation.

This stuff is great and rivals the three T's in terms of quality - and you can't argue about the price $10.00 Canadian for a 450ml tub (for you Yanks, thats the equivalent of three Taylor's tubs!).

The cream has a light citrus scent - that is pleasant and is unlikely to offend anyone. However, it does not provide the olfactory sensation one gets from QED, Mama Bear or St. Charles soaps.

In terms of lathering, Frasers is amazing - using my least favourite, floppy pure badger Vulfix, I was able to whip up a glossy, merangue-like lather in no time. Best of all, it provides a smooth shave and a light moisturizing effect.

All in all, a great Canadian addition to the shaving cream world.
This stuff is really awesome. It lathers up into a consistancy that rivals any of the English creams and there's a butt load of it in the tub. Fantastic product. I agree with others comments that it's not quite the same in terms of the scent department, but the light citrus-lemon aroma is nice.

This stuff will explode in lather in short order. A great addition to any rotation and its lubricity is excellent.
Fraser's has become my go to cream when I'm going for the ultra BBS. It is just amazingly slick. Probably the best value on the planet.
I picked this stuff up based on what I'd read in other threads, and man, am I glad I did.

Lathers up a treat, protects the skin, and has a nice aroma which doesn't last much past the shave for me, so I can use any after-shave/cologne I want to. Not super moisturizing like Florena, but doesn't dry the face as much as Proraso does for me.

And yes, the price can't be beat.
Well as I said, It's a great cream. Love the package (North american style) and It's a thick cream. Latherability is amazing and the tub ( 450 GR:eek: ) will last years I think:biggrin:
This stuff is the best bang for the buck I have ever experienced in shaving cream. The shipping costs were as much or more than the cream. It has great qualities all across the board. If you are looking for 'another' shave cream to try this is close to a can't miss deal! :thumbup1:
I absolutely love this stuff! Everything about it is great. I'm a little biased as I grew up with it (its the only cream my Dad uses to shave with) so I love the smell as it reminds me of him.

Sure the packaging is retro (they haven't changed it in at least twenty years) but who cares??

Anyone who comes to T.O. should pick themselves up a tub!
Theres really nothing more I can say that hasn't been already stated this stuff is excellent. The scent is awesome my gf even enjoyed it. For under 10$ CDN EVERYONE NEEDS A JAR. The only knock on it is the boring packaging since seeing this jar on store shelves does not do this product any justice, there should be firework displays, cheerleaders and a vast array of brushes dancing around as you purchase this. My 2 cents...
I live in Vancouver BC and I'm wondering if any fellow canuck B&B members have found a source int eh vancouver area for JM Fraser?


J.M. Fraser's shaving cream is the best bang for the buck out there. It's the closest budget cream I've found in look and feel to the top shelf English stuff, so I wouldn't compare it to the likes of KMF other than price and quality of the end result. It lathers and cushions well and is very slick. I have gravitated towards products with less in you face scents, so I actually like the subdued citrus scent. All in all a world class product.
You can't beat the price, quanity, and quality. The scent is a nice light lime fragrance which I enjoy. You do need to use a bit more cream than others but you do have a giant tub here.
The best value out there when it comes to shaving creams.
OK, so it's not much to look at and I wish the scent was just a wee bit stronger but this is a fantastic shave cream. I like it almost as much as my favorite cream Trumpers Coconut and maybe even more considering how amazingly cheap it is. Shaving Essentials carries the 400mL tub at only $12.42 so it is a sweet deal. Lastly, it lathers great, moisturizes well and is pretty slick and "cushiony" for a BBS shave every time.

This will definitely stay as my daily go-to cream!
I got this stuff as a sample and you know what? I immediately bought it! Wow. You get a TON of this cream for really very little money, and it works every bit as well as creams that net out to ten times the price. The scent has been slammed here, but I find the citrus very pleasant, not strong at all, and quite limey. Smells wonderful. The key is to not use too much water. It seems to work best when you don't go for big mounds of lather - a very dense foam is what you're after, and when you get that it works beautifully. I dinged it a bit on moisturizing because for me it leaves my face a bit tight.,. I needed a bit of Ems magical citrus aftershave balm. But no drag, nicks, razor burn or anything - one of the best shaves I've had.

Buy it. There is little reason to get anything else! :w00t:
This is one of my few 100 scoring products. This does not rival Tabac in value, but it is it's brother in cream. This is a very unique product that is so cheap, how dare you nottry it!

It says on the side, "Softens tough beards". This is no BS advertising. I have quite a stiff beard, very tough with sensitive skin to boot. This stuff does a very good job of softening by stiff stubble, and is slick like nothing else. What I find most interesting about this product is the consistency of the lather. As someone else pointed out, you want a thick, sticky, pasty lather. That's pretty much what I go for anyway, so this was right up my alley. Doesn't really need much water, but will soak up alot and still not compromise the shave.

The scent, IMO, is excellent on it's own although I find myself using a lot of lime essential oil mixed in :w00t:. Sometimes lavender, sometimes tea tree. The stuff smells great on it's own, however, a refreshing citrus that I think is more lime than lemon.

Shaves are effortless. This one softens, lubricates and shaves with the best of them. I love the lather that I get from this stuff, it's "tough" :lol:.

The packaging is very old school, nostalgic and timeless. Hope it never changes. 450ml is a LOT of cream, and I find that you may need to use more to get the desired results but the results are worth it and it doesn't stop it from being one of the best values in shaving. It can be had for under $13 most places, so Americans really don't have an excuse :lol:.

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