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  • the smaple arrived a few days ago - I meant to respond, but got busy. the musgo is awesome stuff.... i treied the EJ soap last weekend and was vey impressed. I need to crack open the Valobra sample on Sunday. Can I repay the favour? Woudl you liek to try some tom's of maine calendula cream? I have tons...

    Did that sample arrive ok?
    I havent been in to Momentum for awhile, I did not realize they carry EJ now. Thats great. The scent of Musgo is just superb aint it? You would probably like the A/S, smells just like the cream, but I guess you would have probably sniffed it while you were there. I think my next pursuit will be to get some Lavanda from the makers of Musgo

    I picked up the EJ Sea Buckthorn from momentum on friday plus a tube of Musgo Real - still need to try the EJ - maybe this week - I'm on Day 2 of the Musgo and its a super-nice cream.
    Barry -
    I came across the Edwin Jagger soaps & creams at a cigar shop called "Revolucion" located at 1062 Mainland St in Yaletown (Helmcken & Mainland). Worth checking out. The beauty of it there is lots of shops around for your wife to distract her while your in buying :wink:
    Hi Barry, I see your address listed there, I will try to send the Valobra out soon. Have you tried these Edwin Jagger soaps they have been talking about lately? They do smell awesome. I came across them in a cigar shop located in Yaletown. They were only $10.00 a puck too :w00t:.

    Also, I bought a puck of Pre De Provence Shave soap at Chocolate Mousse (Cardero & Robson) I am not suppose to buy anymore stuff but I had to try this one based on reviews. I think it will be a good spring time soap. Nice scent.

    that's generous of you -

    My address is Barry Konkin, #30-2960 Steveston Highway Richmond BC V7E 6C9

    The peaceful patchoulli is very nice. it brush lathers really well, I use a lather bowl and its awesome.

    I have used the super adjustable for two shaves already - I don't see much need for collecting stuff and not using it... i found it an an antique fair at the Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver - last weekend.
    Hi Barry, PM me your address I will send you a sample of the Valobra soft soap. I smelled the KMF Peaceful Patchouli, and really like the scent. B&B have said many good things about it, I might pull the trigger on this one. I just have so much supply right now its embarrassing :blushing: I have one question though. Can you use a brush to lather the KMF?

    Nice score on the razor. :thumbup:
    Are you going to use it or keep NIB? Did you find it around here?
    if you want to sell the valobra - the stick and or the soft soap - let me know - I would like to try it.
    *scored a brand new NOS 1976 Super Adjustable at an antique fair today - still in the blister pack - $5!!! came with two old gillette blades - looking forward to the shave tomorrow....
    Wow I just used the Proraso Red, I gotta say I am impressed. Close shave for sure. Glad I got 2 tubes of it. I think I do miss the Menthol though. I will probably end up pulling the trigger on some KMF lavender :001_rolle.
    Hi Barry, the Valobra soft soap is ok, it is very moisturising I will say that much, no scent really, but I have found I do not prefer Vegetable based products. Actually it has not got much play lately because I am discovering other stuff I prefer over it.I've been wondering what to do with it since I have basically just have to much stuff to use up. I got the Valobra shave stick as well & I like it better then the soft soap because it is tallow based. If I do a spring cleaning quite honestly I would put the Valobra soft soap in the pile.

    I bought the Valobra soft soap on line from the UK :wink: if you know what I mean. PM me if you want specifics. Obviously I cant post this vendor here :biggrin:
    Riley -

    I have to constantly sneak stuff in...I sold a few things that my wife ddnt like, so it evens out.

    Where did youget the Valobra soft soap - Fendrihan?

    I have tried the lavender from KMF and its very nice.

    I have the same thought about all the soap / cream. it will take years to go through it all.... I hope it doesn't got bad.
    I only have one problem.
    After I bought 2 tubes of the Red. (I had to smuggle those in so not to upset SWMBO right before Valentine's :redface:) I have crossed the tipping point for any further acquisitions. Its making me begin to wonder. How can I possibly use all these creams & soaps? :confused:

    Oh well, it is a good problem to have though :lol:
    By the way, I saw your post on Proraso Red, Thanks for the tip. I went over to Commercial today cause that is where I figured you were refering to and when I got there my eyes popped out of my head twice :w00t: The first time, the fact they had a full shelf of the stuff & second when she rang up the price for my 2 tubes. :w00t: I should be good for a while. Glad I can try the stuff now considering I love all Proraso products and since I heard so much about the Red.

    The owner must have a solid supplier in Italy I am guessing.:thumbup:
    No, not yet. I am working on it. I will certainly let you know if I do. I started to puruse markets on Fraser but nothing yet. I have never tried it, Is it good? I've heard good things about it.

    Though I do I know where we can Pre de Provence shave soap here In Vancouver . Let me know if you are interested?

    Can you let me know if you come across La Toja shave cream? That would be much appreciated as always Barry. :thumbup1: I have the splash on order from Vintage scents. Great scent. I heard the cream smells just like it.
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