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It's a Wrap!: Carnival of Smiles Contest #4763: The Delurkifier!

Talk about bad timing

Nonsense! You've got at least 4 more hours of glorious B&B membership than anyone eligible to win in this thread. That's a gift in and of itself! :biggrin:

Welcome to all of our new members. Have a blast exploring and posting throughout B&B as we continue to wait for the mysterious moment when this contest ends...
OK you Lurkers, come on, Step right up and join up! You too can participate in one of the best places to be on the Internet! Don't be shy, just register and then post a Hello here.

But I gotta warn ya, prepare to be whelmed! We more Newbies for this contest. :c1:
Nice Prizes. I was so busy reading other threads, I almost missed this one. Lucky though, someone brought it to my attention in my one and only thread (the obligatory newbi intro)....Hello, my name is Fred....and I shave the old fashion way...
Just sayin' "Howdie" - I'm converting to straight razor shaving - looking for somewhere to buy, what to buy, etc.

I'll be posting questions when I run out of stuff to read!


West of Chicago, IL
Welcome guys! Contest's not over yet -- come on in -- there's plenty of room on the Delurkifier! :smile:
Welcome to all who are eligible thus far!


C'mon folks who've joined in the last couple of days -- all you need to do to enter is post in this thread! Hey Lurkers -- join now -- the chances of winning in this contest are the best in the Carnival! :smile:
Hey everyone, I just saw this thread today, after I joined yesterday. Amazingly generous prize package thanks to B&B and the sponsors for even offering such great stuff.

I'll save the details for a (forthcoming) introduction post, but I've been lurking for a while as I've been inching my way more into wet shaving over the past month or so. I saw B&B mentioned on the Basic Instructions blog/comic by Scott Meyer. Since that, I've been reading a lot. Actually multiple visits per day lately :blushing:....so it seemed logical to join up.

Thanks for reading everyone, it's good to be part of the community.
Updated list of eligible new members:


The contest continues! Hey, you, lurking in the shadows -- join now for a great chance at a great prize!
As a computer security geek I would like to comment on your use of a true random number generator (random.org) to pick winners of the contest.

Bravo. I'd hate to have newbies cracking your RNG and posting strategically to gain an unfair advantage.


OK, so I took the leap. Joined just now, although I've lurked a little bit... OK, I've lurked a lot. See you guys on the forums!
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