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Wee Words of Wisdom
You can switch the efficiency up a notch with a different blade. I thought the Nacet was better, but the Derby Premium is smoother than the Nacet and just as efficient. We'll for me anyway. I've never used a Sailor so I can compare the two.
Hopefully you will love it as much as I do looking forward to your review.
Face shave with the included Derby Premium was ok for me. It ”sings” a little, in that it provides a bit of audible feedback (nowhere near as loud as a Q Shave Futur knock-off). Passes the neck-test (look straight up without that scraped “raw” feeling), but you can feel it on the skin a bit so I wouldn’t rate it as “smooth” a razor as an Overlander or Masamune (I’m a wimp and I really like mild razors). I agree with you, the knurling could be deeper, to provide a bit more grip when the hands get soapy.

Head shave with the included Derby Premium was good (I did the face shave 1st, head shave 2nd using the same blade). No mishaps/nicks etc. easy to find the “angle of attack”. I like the single-edge design as it allows me to use two hands and ”follow” the razor with the 2nd hand while the 1st is holding the handle of the razor ( I do this with hair clippers too, just a weird habit when trimming the noggin), without fear of doing something stupid to the trailing hand.

The blade end tabs protrude slightly. If the razor top cap/bottom plate were about 1mm wider on each side it would cover the blade end tabs completely (they protrude just a smidge), unless I received wider SE blades or a slightly narrower head (manufacturing tolerances for either?). For the head shave when I get around my ears I push/pull them this way and that so it’s honestly not an issue for me, just noting it.

Overall I like it, especially for the head shave, so I will use it in rotation for the head shaves with a Henson going forward.

Apparently we’re doing a Single Edge SEptember, so it arrived just in time.

Dave himself

Wee Words of Wisdom
Glad you liked it. I never noticed the end tabs had a slight overhang, its not something I check for. I've a couple of other razors to review ill remember to include that.
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