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injector SE vs Regular schick\gem

hi fellow wetshavers,
im a de razor user and have wanted to try a SE razor but I'm clueless in this matter. now i seen the nice supply&co Injector razor and heard good things about it. but i want to know what the differences pros and cons and which are the best in smooth and efficient razors. i have heard that Se Blades are thicker than DE blades and last longer. also what are tge difderences between shick, gem, razorock echo\hawk , supply and co? ty gents!

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If you want to try some gem razors contact @Joshua223 as per this passaround thread here.

You'll get full gamut of mild to wild with those 3 Gem Micromatic razors.

For injectors, the earliest version of the I2 Hydro-magic would be a good starter razor.

Here is what an earlier version of the I2 looks like.

Here is a later version.

See the difference in the lever, the earlier versions have a shorter lever with no writing on them.
The earlier versions are also aggressive but smooth the later versions are less smooth and the same or a little bit more aggressive.

I have an extra earlier model I2 I would part with if you are interested.

If you decide to go for the later model there is an I1 and J1 that are the same shavers. The reason to consider these over the later model I2 is they can take single edge or Schick II Twin injector blades. The hydro-magics can only use single edge injector blades.
They look like this


The key to getting the correct razors for these is the razor heads need to be stamped Eversharp Schick. If they are stamped Schick Safety Razor or Schick they are a completely different shaver and much milder and nowhere near as efficient of shavers as these 2 are. The preference in this case would be the style of handle you prefer.

Other injectors to consider if you don't mind using a ladies razor is the type K Lady Eversharp, particularly the K3 model or any of the Type M adjustables which are aggressive but smooth on the higher dial settings. A Type G injector would also be another to consider. They are totally unremarkable razors that just get the job done with no fanfare what so ever.

Here is the reference most collectors use for injectors.

For modern stuff I haven't used any of the razors so I can't say which would meet your criteria.
There is also a little bit of a learning curve when going from de to se or injectors. First is the angle, se and injector razors require you to use a very shallow angle that is almost riding the cap the way they are designed. Second is pressure since they are thicker and stiffer blades the amount of pressure you use is different from a de razor. Third is feel of the blade since they are stiffer and thicker until you get used to feel of the blade they may cause irritation especially if try to shave them like a de razor. With a little practice you'll figure out the angle/pressure and adjust to the feel of these blades just don't expect your first few shaves to be as good as you would expect due to unlearning any bad habits you may have picked up while de shaving and acclimating to the new style of razor and blade.

With practice you should find when you go back to using a de razor that your shaves will improve as you become more skilled with either se or injector razors.
I quite like my Supply injector, but I don't think it's the best injector, the easiest to use or the cheapest. If you like a relatively aggressive DE, a vintage Schick Type G might be a better starting point in SEs. It's cheap and pretty easy to find, very efficient, but not hard to use or excessively aggressive. Another possibility is a razor using the Feather Artist Club style of blade. The Razorock Hawk is a good, cheap option, In fact it's just a very goof razor at any price point.
Only thing I can add with modern injectors AC (artist club) injector blades and Schick style injector blades are not the same. The vintage injectors all use schick style injector blades. They differ in length and are not compatible with each type of razor except in the case of razors that use Schick style injector blades if you want to cut the AC blade to the same length.
If you want a Schick injector that covers the gamete of Schick injector evolution of razors I would zero in the Schick adjustable. It should cover most of your desire for closeness and comfort and it will accept the injector twin II blade also. My Schick adjustable Model 3(M3) is well built and feels beefy to some of my other Schick razors and gives a decent shave IMO. If you keep your eyes open you can get one for around $25-$50 US used. I have a E2-3-5 & G1 injectors and also excellent affordable razors as already mentioned. Schick injectors are hard to beat for performance if you want vintage razors. Schick injectors are easy to learn and are close to a cartridge razor for handling IMO. For modern injectors I do not have any yet. If cost is a important factor Gem razors are one of the best to get into SE and there is a little learning curve on technique and you can shave cheaper per blade costs. Gems razors are some of my favorites once I learned how to shave with them, it takes 2 to 3 attempts for some to get the basics figured out.
Here is a chart that might help in picking out your aggression and efficiency for Gem razors IMO.
GEM Razor Cluster review 2019 (2).jpg
Have some great shaves!
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They are all good, though the older Shick and Gem razors tend to be more aggressive. I prefer milder shavers and I find later Shicks to be both mild and efficient.