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Schick SE vs. my old DE…results?

Can we all agree that the Schick E type is the greatest razor in the world?

Brother Quaz,

No. We all can't agree the Type E Schick is the greatest. I have two. They are very good, yes, but they are a bit too aggressive for my thin 86-year-old skin.

I suggest the greatest Schick to be the Type I, and much of that judgment is based on the wonderful, unique user-friendly handle.
With Schick it's all about the blade. The handles are actually somewhat sub-standard. The injector blade is far superior to the DE blade no matter what brand. The GEM blade is better than the DE blades too but not as good as the injector blade. The Injector blade is so good I use it in the GEM MMOC and get the best of both worlds. Great blade and a outstanding GEM handle.
I, too, like my I2. Also my Hydro-magic J and my swing-open Es.

I always use my Schick injectors for super-fast, sub-5-minute, get-out-the-door shaves. (With finger-lathered Lea Mentolada from the tube.)

They also make short work of East-West neck passes that are difficult and dangerous with an SR.
Yeah, it's the cheap feeling handles that is the biggest turn off for me. Someday I'll find an international silver 'paul revere' injector, but until then, my injectors sit on the back burner.
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