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A possibly better way towards a more comfortable, efficient shave with BBS results???

Seven years in my wet-shaving journey I've tried numerous razors (adjustables, slants, injectors, GEMs, high aggression, single edge, etc.). Unfortunately, I haven't found a single razor that can easily and comfortably bring me to BBS results. Maybe this speaks to my skill using these razors, the coarseness of my beard growth or how realistic fleeting 'BBS' results are for all parts of one's beard growth.

Many DE razors seemed efficient up to a point, but induced razor burn while chasing BBS results, while high aggression razors usually come at a cost in comfort - and haven't always produced 'BBS' results.

Considering one hones a straight razor with various stones of different grits, it was a little surprising the adaptation of using an adjustable DE safety razor didn't seem to produce as efficient and comfortable results.

At some point I started switching to various razors over the course of a shave. Particularly razors which were most efficient and comfortable for that particular pass.

My current course of razors used for two-day shaves:

RazoRock 'Hawk V3' Open Comb SE razor (with Feather Professional Super blades) for with the grain passes -- using a Maggard MR18 handle.
Classic Shaving 'Occam's Razor' adjustable SE razor (on 3 dot setting, with Feather Professional Super blades) for across the grain passes.
iKon ShaveCraft 'Tech' DE razor (with Feather Hi-Stainless blades) for against the grain passes -- using a Maggard MR18 handle -- with the lightest touch.

For my coarse beard growth, I find thicker, single edge Feather Artist Club blades are a wonderful start to a two-day shave. They don't tug as much as some aggressive DE safety razors using a Feather Hi-Stainless DE blade (or a Derby blade, for that matter). The 'Hawk V3' open comb seems to easily (and comfortably) plow through beard growth. The 'Occam's Razor' adjustable SE (with much skin stretching) produces surprisingly smooth and efficient XTG results at it's highest possible setting, though it's efficiency doesn't seem to carry through on all passes. Taking the straight razor honing analogy to it conclusion, I find only the most aggressive razor and blade (iKon 'Tech', used with the lightest touch) can come close to clearing any persistent beard stubble, for close to BBS results. Using the iKon 'Tech' razor/blade combo for all passes can be quite harsh -- and taking any of these razors out of sequence seems to reduce efficiency and comfort.

I don't think I've ever seen it discussed or demonstrated of using various razors for a shave (provided one finds some razors work better for specific shaving passes than others). I'm sure a course of hot towels before a shave would do wonders.

At this point maybe I shouldn't reconsider this shaving 'nirvana' (if there is such a thing) - though I'd love some input of other razors that could possibly satisfy a quick, efficient and comfortable 'one razor' shave.

I've been considering a Blackland 'Blackbird' open comb and/or a RazoRock 'Lupo' .95 open comb, but don't know if they would be a better investment than the three aggressive razors I've noted above.

Hopefully someone reads this who has had similar troublesome experiences chasing the 'BBS' dragon.


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I only SR shave. Without trying, after about 150 daily shaves, I was getting BBS everywhere - all without any skin irritation or damage. I then found that I did not want BBS. It left me with nothing to shave 24 hours later.

After realising my problem, I adjusted my technique so that I didn't quite get to BBS and had something to shave 24 hours later. Now I am finding, even with my modified technique, that my unwanted BBS is returning 😮.
We have a thread going on the Daily Double, but I believe that’s combining straight razor and DE’s.

I have switched razors for the ATG pass in the past, but too much on occasion to make it a routine.

I think in this case if it works for you why change? I don’t have a Blackbird, but based on reviews here and seeing the razors you currently deploy I see little additional benefit in getting that one - unless you want to go back to finding the one razor to work with rather than three.

Another thing that came to mind - and you have surely already thought about that, but it wasn’t part of your OP - is the preshave prep. Do you have a routine there? Prep and lathering are just as important as the razor is.

I have read about fellow shavers using Shea but the night before the shave to hydrate the skin and beard. Others use shea but just prior to the shave (I myself use Proraso Preshave). But in all instances they make sure their beard is really soft. I even know a brother who only shaves once a week and gets BBS with a single (or almost single) against the grain pass.

Final thought that just popped in my mind: you could try cold shaving. I shave entirely cold and in my case it helps the bristles to stay up sort of speak and reduces irritation (especially my neck) significantly.

And as an afterburner - like you I chase BBS and I know that the pure definition is in all parts, cotton tested, smooth and marble, but if it’s smooth to me, I am perfectly ok to call it BBS. And the less I chase it, the better my shave result usually is.

Enjoy your explorations. I find using multiple razors from my rotation in one shave a nice way to use more of them!




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I'm one of those two razor guys. I use a Claymore Evolution AC around my nose and select either another AC razor or a DE razor for the rest of the shave.

I have a number of excellent razors and each of them gives me shaves that last 12 hours. I have old man, coarse, grey whiskers. I have a pretty effective pre-shave routine that softens them up and makes it easier to mow them down. I don't have every day but each of my razors have no problem taking down 2, 3 or 4 days growth with no problems.
Solution: forget about BBS.*

*Well, that was my solution.

I use one razor, unless I'm training on my straight razor, after which I will finish with a DE razor.

My typical DE shave is one razor, three passes and touchup resulting in a DFS+ (near BBS, with minor areas of stubble when feeling against the grain). I've learned that the resulting shaves are much more tolerable than the agony, irritation, and bloodshed I cause by over-shaving in pursuit of the "perfect" shave...and though not BBS, I'm still getting the smoothest, cleanest shaves of my life.
I enjoy using 2 razors for a shave when I'm not using an adjustable. The WTG pass being efficient and mild one for ATG. Do what works for you. BBS is overrated. Achieving a CCS is always my preference.
My tip start straight razor shaving , and don't chase bbs everywhere , use the straight to mow down 90 percent of your growth then run your razorock over for a clean up pass. I took have a very coarse beard but with a straight razor I can do one pass against the grain and a clean up pass and I'm bbs and zero irritation
Good advice above…I think must of us at some point had chased the perfect BBS. Super aggresive razors did not help in my case and now am looking for the most comfi shave with the best possible result. My Rockwell 6s gives me a easy and comfi shave with minimum irritation. Try and stick with one razor for a while and practise and maybe skip ATG ?


ATF. I use all three.
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If I have more than a couple days growth my first pass (WTG) is done with a RR Wunderbar with any blade that’s handy. All other passes are done with a Gamechanger and feather blade.

I stopped chasing BBS about 6months after I started wet shaving. I probably get a BBS shave 60% of the time. And that’s ok with me. My facial hair grows in so many different directions that I have to make multiple passes in areas of my face which increases the likelihood of irritation.

I used to use the Wunderbar exclusively for all my passes and probably obtained BBS 90% of the time but I really had to pay attention with it or it would draw blood. With small kids running around now my attention isn’t always on shaving while I’m shaving.
Consider a slant. The razorock super slant is brilliantly designed. Italian Barber really is the only company that cares about slants enough to invest time and money into redesigning it. The l1 plate is mild whilst being extremely efficient and clamped better than any other razor on the market.
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