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Leaf Twig vs. Supply Pro

Well here's my first thread.

I wanted to get into the SE world, and the only type of SE razors that interested me were the ones that take a half DE blade, and injectors.

I tried shaving with DE razors never seemed too good at it, and I was shaving with a Gillette Sensor Excel cartridges system that is getting out of hand expensive.

Well after some research and getting marketed too online, I decided to get a Leaf Twig and a Supply Pro.

I also ordered some injector blades(I got the black labels, chicks, and Parker injectors) and a few more tucks of DE blades I haven't tried out.

Welp I was excited new razors and blades to try out.

First shaves with both of the razors went as expected few nicks and a bit of irritation.

I really liked the angle and the way the Twig felt when shaving(your elbow down), with the Supply Pro to get the right angle felt like you had to have your elbow pointed out.

After a week or so both razor gave smooth nick free shaves when the right blade was used. For me that was a Parker in the Supply Pro and either a Nacet, Perma Sharp, or BIC in the Twig.

Just want to state that during the initial 2 weeks I got these razors I had to get a replacement on the Twig cause the one I had seized up. Leaf shave had the replacement sent to me in less than a hour after I sent an email stating what was wrong with my Twig. Awesome customer service!

Another 2 weeks went by and I found myself picking up the Twig almost exclusively.
Here's the 2 main reasons why:
Supply is harder to edge facial hair.
I can't shave the hair by my nose with the supply.

Overall, both are good razors to me. I just ended up liking and using the Twig a lot more.

I'm open to any questions anyone might have about either of these razors, and will answer what I can.
Your experience is very similar to mine. I tried about 12-15 razors and ultimately settled on the Twig and RazoRock Game Changer (which I also highly recommend) for most everything. I did find that I preferred a Schick Vintage injector over the Supply SE by quite a bit and also use that from time to time.
I found a New/old Vintage Schick injector I was eyeing up on eBay, but forgot to check it right before time ran out. If anyone knows where you can find a new old Schick injector for under 30 US dollars I'm interested.
Ribitski23, shoot me your address to [email protected] and I'll be happy to gift you the new-old stock Schick injector I got when I bought a razor/blade trial package for just for the twin blade. A type L I think. It's one of the black handle/silvertone head 70's styles. I have zero need for it and you'd be helping me with my clutter.

It's never been used and will take standard injector blades with no issue.
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