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Injector half face shave

So I have a I1 and Dalton sent me some Blades. In a past thread I wrote about slicing my fingers off (okay nearly off) when as a child I was playing with the blade dispenser. Well today I pulled up my skirt and took the plunge. Grabbing the dispenser in my hand brought a cold sweat to my brow. I lined everything up and pulled back the slide and pushed it forward. That was it.....THAT WAS IT! Easy peasy. I told you it was nothing to worry about:tongue_sm.
I did a 3 pass on right side of my face. On the left side I used a Pall Mall that I got today. The injector was light and easy. Hardly any blade feel or noise. No real feedback compared to the Pall Mall. It took the hair off with no problem at all. No nicks, just an easy shave. I can see why guys like them.
I'm not sure how popular these were back in the day but they should have been.
Hey John I told you that you had nothing to worry about, I agree with Shiloh once you do the whole face you and the injector will become fast friends. :thumbup1:
Shaving is great with the Pall Mall,
but stick with Schick for the long haul.

Glad you're enjoying both types of razor.
Full face shave with the injector. These things are silly easy. No nicks or irratation. The feel is so different than a DE or even the SEs I have tried.
One of the gents on the forum once said, "If you can't get a good shave with an injector, then you need to wear a crash helmet at the dinner table."
Full face shave with the injector. These things are silly easy. No nicks or irratation. The feel is so different than a DE or even the SEs I have tried.
You know, we ought to start a brotherhood called the Society of Injector Shavers (SIS). We could call ourselves "SISSIES" and our motto could be "Be a SISSY."
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I don't know how.
Hi Steve:
imatabor contacted me earlier regarding your wish for the Society of Injector Shavers. I looked through all the threads and indeed there is no club for the injector group, so we would love you to start one. It is very easy. just go to the Clubs and Brotherhoods main page, click on the start a new thread, name the group " Society of Injector Shavers" and then post what you are about, what is required for membership and an acronym for the group for people signature. Most groups usually have a vote , however by reviewing above it looks that you may have one. I would state that the TOU and the gentlemanly nature of the forum needs to be adhered to, and any acronyms need to be well thought out as not to offend any of the members.

With that, most successful Clubs and Brotherhood threads have a consistent promotion and posting from its members, so the 1st couple of weeks is critical to have your initial members really get involved and promote. I work in that function as well, as usually if I see a specific thread that has not bee posted in for a month or so I will usually bump it up to give it more exposure to the new, and more tenured members alike. Good Luck and if I can be of any assistance please do not hesitate shooting me a PM.

Appreciate the support of the Clubs & Brotherhoods section of B & B, and thanks for being a member of Badger & Blade

Thanks for the encouragement, Dave. I'll give it a shot. Maybe, with your help, we can get it established. One question I have is that there appear to be two Clubs and Brotherhoods locations; one in the Wiki, and one in your Shave/Scent of the day. How are those connected? Does putting a new thread in one automatically replicate to the other? I know that when August West and I set up the Foxhole Shavers Club, I had to get Brucered to put it into the Wiki.
The Wiki is the archive of the clubs, and the C & B is a sub forum to the SOTD, and that is where you would go to start it. yes once started the wiki can be updated
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