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In the Philadelphia Area?

One of my best friends is a poker pro at the Borgata (fantastic poker room.) He has more comp points than he knows what to do with so one night last fall we went down and got free shaves in the barbershop. The shave was OK (she used a Shavette) but the two women barbers who were there that night were delightful, and the girl at the front desk was hotter than Texas asphalt. Afterwards we ordered some drinks and played a little pool. I had the benefit of a freebie (all I covered was the tip) but I would still recommend it if you are in AC and have some free time. The shave is decent but it’s the atmosphere that really makes it worth while.

After your shave go downstairs and have your shoes shined (in front of the steakhouse.) It's the same guy that's there every time. I can't remember his name but he is about the friendliest chap you will every meet. Worth every penny.
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