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if you had to choose one DE/SE/SR for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

although i said the twig for me, i still havent tried the more aggressive version the thorn, so i wonder if one day once i use that if i'll be more swayed towards that, i got a feeling i will be tbh


The Lather Maestro
My E Type Schick injector

Rockwell 6C on plate R3 or Rockwell 2C because plate R3 is also supplied with it. Works great with lots of blades and seems to lengthen the blade life a lot.
I am sure there are lots of suoerb other DE razors more though, but i only own and tested 5 DE razors.
Just one? It would have to be a T.R. Cadman & Sons Ltd "Bengall" ⅝ Dutch point full hollow from about the late 1930's although I have a few others that come very close to this razor.


Why, is because it is currently giving me my most enjoyable shaves.
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I've already picked one some years ago. The Fasan DoubleSlant. So much so, I have two of them. My concern is the bakelite and bakelite/zamak materials. Prone to failures. So, a back-up was in order. I bought the older all bakelite one first, then added the newer model with the zamak top cap. And, then I changed from the original bakelite handles to the New Husky Bar and Fat Tech Gillette handles.

What the original handle looks like.

I'm surprised I don't think I've seen the vector, karve or pearl flexi being mentioned, they normally get a lot of love
I know the karve got mentioned, because I came on to second it! Op mentioned the B plate SB. I've only used the E plate SB, but in my limited experience it is my pick!

I actually have a couple of the vintage options mentioned on this thread ordered, so who knows? My mind might change in the next couple weeks! (Waits patiently for tech's to come in while browsing Gillette adjustables)
Most likely a modern DE - could be one of several. Starting with Masamune with both OC and SB plates, but most likely with a different handle.

Or a dual comb WR2.

But I could also be super satisfied with an iKon X3 head on a RR Halo Ti handle. As well as Game Changer .68 SB and potentially OC plate.

Vintage - I would say Kirby. Haven’t tried a Hybrid Tech but open to it, if I get the chance.

SE: Heljestrand 7-day set + the hones to maintain. Haven’t tried a modern SE.

SR: most likely Heljestrand MK32 with real tortoise scales and hones, at least a gelb-grun. Or another SR, lol.
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