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if you had to choose one DE/SE/SR for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Tough question. Only 1? Therefore have to be the easiest shaver I've got, the classic mild but efficient so that I would have the shaver I use when I'm in a hurry. So, for me: H&S N075 (can I keep both plates? If not, the aluminum.)
Can you please explain what a contract tech is?
A contract tech is a Gillette tech made during and just after WW2 (through 1946). The majority of them were made for use by mainly the US military. I wouldn’t be surprised if other allied forces used them as well. Two interrelated reasons for the name contract tech. First being they were used to fill government contracts to the military. Second because like many other companies during the war Gillette didn’t have the manufacturing capacity to make the required numbers specified in the military contracts and had to subcontract part of the production to other companies. I’ve only seen them offered with either a ball end or a Bakelite handle. Contract techs with the ball end handle can differentiated from non contract ball end techs by the 6 fullers running down the handle. The gold version like the one I have came about after the war and the end of rationing and other government restrictions on civilian consumer goods because Gillette needed a way to use up surplus stocks of the contract tech handles. By 1947 Gillette was producing the non fullered ball end techs that most people are familiar with
For me whatever my current setup is. Right now it’s a .84 game changer. It’s more than good enough. I could be happy with almost every razor that I’ve owned over the years, modern and vintage, excepting highly aggressive razors that I don’t have the skill or steady hand to use daily.

I do appreciate the craft and design of the new razors of the past few years. Fun to watch members work their way through the many options.
I have a three that I really struggled to choose between, they are:

Blackland Ti Blackbird
Stirling Stainless Standard Plate
Yates 921-EH

Since I have to choose only one it would be the Yates-EH it's my favorite over all currently, and an incredible shaver with a number of blades. If a ti version is ever made I could see that topping the list. It is a tad heavy.
Timeless Slim OC

I would definitely miss my Wunderbar, but the Timeless gives me better audible feedback, which I desire and which the Wunderbar, despite shaving a bit better, just doesn't have. I love the ease of use and the inward rounded teeth of the SLIM OC.
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