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ideas for mini travel shaving den

Hello everyone I was trying to find an idea for a way to transport the following items in a kit like manner:

2 straights
Shaving soap
A small towel
2 brushes
After shave
Pre shave oil
Extra DE blades
Small bowl

It would be a bonus to figure out some way to incorporate a strop into this but the main goal is neat portable efficient and organized. If you already have something like this please post pictures and descriptions.
I would recommend the following changes
-2 Straight Razors
-Shaving Soap
-1 Brush

The rest is unnecessary and just clutter. The above items are easy enough to carry in a Dopp Kit, with the straights going in a pen case.
My travel kit is in a locking medicine case (you can get them at walmart for ten bucks). it has elastic loops to hold a razor or two, styptic stick if you need it, a small brush, a travel-size bottle of aftershave and a travel-sized puck of soap in a small tin. There is also a velco-lined pouch that can hold some blades, if you need them. Mine has:
Weck Sextoblade
Pinaud Jumbo Styptic pencil in case
Personna hair shaper blades (in the zippered pouch)
An alum block in a plastic case (originally from some nails)
Sterling Ben Franklin soap mashed into an old mustache wax tin
A travel bottle full of Aqua Velva
Parker Synthetic Silvertip brush
The whole thing is about the size of a hardback book and has a combination lock to keep it closed.
Take a look at Home Depot's small tool bags (soft sided ballistic nylon). They're inexpensive and come in various styles and sizes with lot's of pockets and dividers.
Just don't think of them as male versions of the make-up bag, it ruins the whole thing.
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