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I finally love Cella

For the first couple weeks I just could not abide the scent...but after repeated wonder lather, and leaving the lid off and the scent dying down a bit I have come to the conclusion that I love this stuff !!!:thumbup1:
Cella produces a rich creamy lather and consistently close comfortable shaves.

Feels and smells very vintage / old world.

Something about the slickness is just right. It's slick, but not too slick, with sufficient protection to buff in spots without re-lathering.

Dislike the red container as its inner edges are sharp. Have moved my Cella into another bowl.
I love Cella but I love the almond scent as well as the tallowy goodness of the lather. With so many great soaps out there I can't imagine using one if I didn't like the way it smelled.
I just recently acquired some Cella and wow is it awesome! It lathers like crazy and I love the smell; to me I get a honey smell along with the almond and I literally want to eat it!

Just for the record I also have the Valobra almond soft soap, and I have to say that the Cella really is the better product as far as cushion and I think Cella smells a tad better too.

Cella is one of my favorite soaps. I get what I consider to be perfect lather and shaves with minimal effort. The scent, to my nose, is light and soapy with a little bitter almond and a little of that earthy tallowy smell thrown in. Great great stuff.

Only thing I dislike is using the red tub it comes in. The diameter is too small for my tastes. I transfer the Cella to a regular wooden shave bowl...
I like cella a lot. Not the best scent but also not a bad scent. Also works pretty great, so to me it's great to keep in rotation. It's a good first step if people are curious about finer products but don't want to pay up for the English labels.
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