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I bought the last of the $30/1000 Flydear blades from Amazon

They were $27 a case of 1000. They ended up at $31 or so. I got 2 cases, then 2 more. I did donate 1 case to The Great Blade Exchange so you guys can trade your vastly inferior Feathers and Kai's for some :) I was using BIC as a daily blade, but now use these. They are close to as sharp, but I don't get the weepers I occasionally get using a BIC. They are sharper than an Astra SP. Like Nacet sharp, but not rough like the Nacet is for me. Maybe like a GSB but a hair sharper? I've also got the Suneko blades, and they are good also. But I like the stupid Flydear a little more, and they are half the cost of the Suneko. https://www.amazon.com/Gisafai-Double-Safety-Stainless-Platinum/dp/B0CHFCP1V5
Wowzerz, that's a lot of blades!!
How'd you hear about this one?
I heard about it on here! Flydear and Suneko have some fans here. I'm not sure how they found those Flydear on Amazon. The description doesn't mention Flydear. They didn't show up on Amazon if you searched for Flydear.
Rhinos work very well for me. I recently finished One blade in March challenge with Rhino ½blade with 26 shaves on it. And another blade is in use with 8 shaves on it.
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