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How much should a hair cut cost?

Ive been looking at trying different barber shops in my city lately and I was somewhat shocked at some of the prices. $35 for a haircut? Really? Maybe Im just getting old but I have a hard time paying more than $20 for a haircut.
I pay $35 plus a $5 tip for a haircut that lasts 5 weeks. I can get a $15 haircut, but it looks ragged at 2 weeks.
Last, (2016) was $25cdn. My wife with very short hair pays far more and we share the same haircutter.
I don't pay anything for a hair cut now (I cut my own) but I used to pay about $35. I haven't been to an old fashioned barbershop since I was a kid though.

I thought cutting my own hair would either be hard or would look like I cut it myself so I paid to get it cut for years. I had to schedule an appointment, make the drive, sit and make small talk. I didn't really like it or the money that I had to spend. I can shave myself, I thought why am I paying someone to cut my hair?

Now I can my hair as soon as it needs cutting. It takes 5 minutes and is much less hassle. The equipment costs less than 2 haircuts.
The place I’ve been going for the past 4 or 5 years just went up to $20 for haircut, eyebrow trim, wash with hot towel, and neck massage. I thought the price was getting kind of high for the area, but maybe not...
$20 around here in Northern BC small-town. I've been thinking about getting rid of my hippie hair. I don't 'jam' here in my new hometown with any bands and am thinking I should get a 'do more appropriate for a 53 year old. Yoko Ono long hair at this point in a pony-tail. I'll still wear my Hawaiian shirts though & seek out more... :001_cool: Gonna pull the trigger on it within the week I think.
In my area, most mens haircuts are between $17 and $25 at a barbershop.

My cousin works at a tony and guy salon. And she says haircuts there start around $45.
$12 at a real old time barbershop, mid sized midwestern town (Toledo). Guy is an amazing barber, been cutting hair at this shop since 1964! He also uses hot lather and a shavette to trim around the ears and back of the neck. Follows it up with some Clubman. I tip him well, and my two boys, (10 &12) also enjoy going to Hanks.
I guess it depends on where you're at and what shop you go to. I haven't been to a Super Cuts type one in years, so don't even remember what it cost then. Up until about a year ago the old fashion barber shop I go to was $6, then they went up to $10. You also get the straight razor neck shave, and talc and hair tonic if you want. That's about normal here. Although one "kinda" old time shop is $15. If you go to a beauty salon I'm sure it's more. No way I'm paying $30 for just a haircut.


Here in my home town in Australia I pay $17 Australian at a Unisex Salon. No barber shop here anymore. Every time one open up it closes within 6 months.
I like my hair fairly short, so I usually go to the least expensive shop I can find. It's $14.00 plus tip. Very simple...#6 on top, #4 on the sides, and #1 on the sideburns. Then shave the neck and done.
My guess is if a haircut is $35, it's probably a trendy, old school shop with a modern twist. The barbershop I go to doesn't offer customers a beer. They charge $15.50 for a haircut, which includes hot lather shave around your ears and neck and in my case, he takes care of any stranglers from my beard. I walk out giving him $20.


Around here, $20 is about the norm. My wife’s friend does mine for $10 (#4 on top, 3 on the sides) if I pay cash. I give her $15.


Around here, $20 is about the norm. My wife’s friend does mine for $10 (#4 on top, 3 on the sides) if I pay cash. I give her $15.
For the record- she isn't cheating the system. Being a small operator, she pays a higher fee to the credit card companies for authorizations. She normally charges $12 for a haircut with card.

Rick is taking orders as we speak[type & read].

Doesn’t work on cats though.
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$13 at an old fashion Barbershop. The guy have been cutting hair since the 60's.

My daughter loves to come along and thinks it is cool that I can walk in, take a seat and get a hair cut all without saying a word.
I just go to Great Clips and they get $14 plus tip, that's about as cheap as the chains get but I don't have a particularly complex haircut. Sometimes I think I should go elsewhere though to see if someone else would do it better. I suppose a traditional barber would get a bit more and a salon a lot more.
Neighborhood barbershop is $24 including tax + tip which I find reasonable.

When I was more vain stupid about such things I went to an Aveda salon where they charged $70 (in 2005) for a men's cut & style. Mind you that did include a scalp and hand massage from a very pleasant to look at young lady :001_rolle