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How much have you spent on your shaving gear? Up until now?

How much you have spent on your shaving gear up untill now?

  • 0 to $50?(Dont worry!! It will go up.)

  • $51 to $100?(Yes it is begining.)

  • $101 to $150?(Oh yeah!!!!)

  • $151 to $200?(It's just one time!!!!)

  • $201 and more?(DONT TELL ANY ONE.)

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I am shy of 200, and I think I am almost done. I have a couple of vintage Gillette's($25), a R41 ($37), a cheap Shavette ($9) an EJ DE8911($35), a Simpsons Brush ($70) and just ordered a Merkur 37C($45) oops I think I am actually over 200 now! not including Soaps and Blades. I think I am done, until I find a mint Fat boy at a good price. I have all the variety of DE razors I need. Now if I happen to find a SE in the antique store it may start over! So I have a couple of years for payoff time, I was able to manage make my Schick Quattro last a few weeks. I did not get irritation, but never got close shaves. But hey, I am saving on hot water too, as I used to shave in the shower. Now all I need is one sink of hot water, and one of cold.
I, too, am just shy of $200, but my wife would have you think I'm spent a month's pay on it. Give me a few more years she may be right!

I started for two reasons, the cost savings and the fact that it gives me the best shave when compared to cartridge and electric shaves. Plus I do feel like I am spoiling myself a bit, too!

More than $200... thanks to the cost of things in the UK... Going for the "Get it right first time" approach to purchasing things so proabably higher than needed to be... only have one decent brush, one decent razor + creams etc.

I'm not addicted, honest
My last brush purchase was a Thater 2 band that cost $156....My other brush is a Tulip T1 2 Band.....yea that puts me over $250 on 2 items.

I dont want to start counting how much I spent on just razors alone...... :laugh:
I've spent more than $200 just this week alone...............................and I'm contemplating another order! (happy birthday to me...lol)
I have been wet shaving since I started shaving. I am now 68 years old. I have no idea how much I have spent during that time.
Hmmm. Let's see - I have 37 Simpson's brushes, 40+ high end EDTs and colognes, .......

No wonder my wife is a little bit testy about my "gear" expenditures! :scared:
I started because the Mach 3 was tearing up my neck and the cost of the M3 blades is out of control. I thought this would be a better cheaper way to shave. I was 1/2 right :lol:
I started wetshaving because I read about it in an issue of Men's Journal that I picked up on my way back from Christmas at my parent's house. Since then, it has definitely helped out my shave bumps and ingrown hairs.
I only started around 3 months ago and I have easily spanked about £300 on shave gear. I am prone to ADs and they hit pretty hard. However, I now positively look forward to shaving every morning - the enthusiasm is enough to drag me out of bed - and people actually comment on both the quality of my shave and how healthy my skin looks. I love the fact that I am not suffering from in-growns any more.

I certainly have enough soaps and creams to keep me going for the next 24 months (at least) and probably enough blades to see me through the next 12, so I don't intend to buy anything else for a good long while now (except maybe rescuing old Gillettes from antique stores and car-boot sales).
I started about nine months ago, because of problems with ingrown hair and irritation, with both catridge blades and electrical machines.

Since now I've bought one DE razor (Mühle R89, and I loooooove it) lots of red personna blades, 3 different soaps, 4 different creams, 2 aftershaver and one brush.

So, in total, somethin between 100 and 150 :)
When it's all said and done I'll be around the $200 mark, but then all I'll have to buy is razors and an occasional shave puck/cream.
I think I'm up to about 600 bucks or so (4 years or so wet shaving). I've been trying lots of creams and soaps, blades, etc. Just got a R41 which was 60 bucks or so. Still on my original brush, but looking to upgrade to a Simpson brush soon which will only add to the total.
I have always had terrible irritation / in growns. Pretty much never shaved because of it. Read an article claiming wet shaving solved those issues. Asked dad for my grandpas old razor (mint Gillette Milord) and have been looking forward to shaving every morning since.

I'm at about $100 so far. Which is $100 more than I have spent in the last 10 years.
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I'm right at $100 after about a month. I started with a couple of vintage Gillette's on the Bay ($20). Then $5 for a Burma Shave boar brush. Some cheapo grocery store blades for $2 (US Personna -- absolutely horrible!) and a VdH puck ($2) in an old coffee mug ($0). So, ~$30 getting started. Then I got smart and started reading and bought a blade sampler from WCS ($30) and some Old Spice AS ($6) and some witch hazel ($6). Finally, I just picked up from a fellow B&B member a beautiful Gillette Slim. The other two Gillettes (a Tech and a SS) are just a tad too forgiving. The Slim, being adjustable, should keep me for a while.

But I didn't get into this hobby to save money. I started to match my medicine cabinet. We bought an old(er) house this summer. Built in 1914 (in the US that's pretty old). My bathroom has the original medicine cabinet. And I'd look at my face all covered in canned foam in the mirror and think about the men who had done the same for almost a century. And then I started thinking about how they had shaved and the gear they used.
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