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How much have you spent on your shaving gear? Up until now?

How much you have spent on your shaving gear up untill now?

  • 0 to $50?(Dont worry!! It will go up.)

  • $51 to $100?(Yes it is begining.)

  • $101 to $150?(Oh yeah!!!!)

  • $151 to $200?(It's just one time!!!!)

  • $201 and more?(DONT TELL ANY ONE.)

Results are only viewable after voting.
Plz vote your answer and let us know how much have you spent on your shaving gears(razors,blades,creams,soaps,preshave oils,creams etc.,)

Also mention that why you have joined the wet shaving?
(1)cost shaving(Kidding:lol:)
(2)Better shave and experience


P.S. I would appreciate if every one will keep their post sweet and small so that new guys can decide what they are getting into and plz don't hijack this thread.Thanks in advance.
Well I started to wet shave with my DE because I can get a whole 5 days out of a blade, and it does not cost me 5 bucks a week! Plus, the double edge razor makes all of my ingrown hair problems and razor burn go away! The startup cost was exorbitant, but its nice to spoil myself!:001_smile
The poll needs to be calibrated by about one order of magnitude :frown:

I've only been doing this for about a half year and I've already spent well over $500!!!
When I started on the trail for a better shave I was really close to buying some high tech electronic shaver, and then I discovered an art of shaving video on youtube and was sold.
I am old enough to have started shaving with a DE. Went back to it after 30+ years out of a general angst with my morning routine. Ranks up there with quitting smoking as one of my best decisions.

Closing in on $200 just for Old Spice mugs.
Various reasons. I like the idea of a more traditional shave. I bought a HD twelve months ago which once I started using and I loved; since then I bought a slant from a fellow member on the forum and that is now my prefered choice. I have also bought a straight which I got restored and honed professionaly and once my strop arrives from Tony Miller I will be trying that.

I also have bought a brush, sorry three, I only use one though and I have bought several soaps and creams. Still it has saved me money as I have not needed to buy a blade since last September when I spent £10 on a sampler set. That is the logic of a mad man.

I have not spent over £150 in twelve months though and it looks set to stay that way. After my initial splurge on the soaps and creams I have not bought much at all. We'll see!
I'm in the $51-100 stage, but it seems to be climbing ever faster the past couple of months. I originally got into this to save money, so I try to show as much restraint as possible, but there are just so many things to try!
I've bought two straight razors (one for $75 through B/S/T and one for about $50 on eBay), plus the Tweezerman brush for $10 off Beautyrose. My strop cost me about $15, again an eBay item, and... I seem to have done my math wrong. The only thing that I hadn't already purchased to make my cartridge experience better was the shaving cream (Tom's of Maine and KMF) and Thayer's, so I guess the answer is, uh, roughly... $200ish.

But, from here on out, the expenses are not necessary ones. I don't need to have any more razors, I won't need a new strop unless I do something drastically stupid, or decide to move up to a Tony Miller (which is not stupid, but in fact smart.) The only thing I need to buy is more cream and post-shave stuff whenever the current bottles and tubes run out.


Moderator Emeritus
The prices on this poll don't go nearly high enough. I'd bet many here have spent thousands on all their gear.
I wasn't really looking for a better way to shave. I was sort of happy with my canned goo/m3 shaves because I did not know any better. I stumbled upon Mantic's videos while on YouTube one lazy saturday afternoon in february. I can't even remember what I was looking for on YouTube. I just clicked on some of Mantic's videos and I guess I was surprised to see a video on YouTube that made sense, that's how I started my journey.

As for the money I have spent, my estimate is that it is somewhere close to €400 since I started out. I have good control over my AD's these days and I've settled on just a few products that I really like, I also stocked up on Derby's. In theory, 2009 should be a cheaper year :biggrin:
Muchisimo dinero!!!
I always used DE (Gillette, Walmart DE razors, some nice soaps and a badger brush I had for years plus Clubman after shave) but I got a Vision as a gift and that in turn let me to investigate other blades, soaps, aftershaves, B&B and...thing got out of hand
One can spend less than a $100 and still enjoy wetshaving. I've spent over $2000, but I am spoiling my self. What makes me sleep well at night is the fact that my friend and I bought 5000 Derby blades and split them. All I know is that now, I look forward to shaving in the morning, and I can't get this BBS shave with a Mach 3.:cool:
I think I'm at a break-even for now as last year, I got to write a rather well paid article on wetshaving for a Flemish high-end glossy lifestyle magazine called 'Gentleman'. My editor even arranged a first class Eurostar ticket to London where I had a very nice shave at Geo F. Trumper in Curzon St....

So I guess my hobby paid for itself in a way.
...I just clicked on some of Mantic's videos and I guess I was surprised to see a video on YouTube that made sense, that's how I started my journey....
Hahahaha...I've had others tell me that too! :lol: But YouTube is "where the eyeballs are" so that's why I keep posting there!

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