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How much have you spent on your shaving gear? Up until now?

How much you have spent on your shaving gear up untill now?

  • 0 to $50?(Dont worry!! It will go up.)

  • $51 to $100?(Yes it is begining.)

  • $101 to $150?(Oh yeah!!!!)

  • $151 to $200?(It's just one time!!!!)

  • $201 and more?(DONT TELL ANY ONE.)

Results are only viewable after voting.
I'm assuming your dollar amounts are per month,,,, correct? Yeah,, $200 a month sounds about right. Or is is $200.00 per category,, meaning, soaps, blades, straights, colognes, DE's etc.,, a month? Many times I come very close,,, in each category.
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I'm thinking you need to add boxes for 200-500, 500-1000, 1000-2000 if you want greater detail for the clear majority of us. Definitely need to password it tho so SWMBO and heirs can't find out.


Even if *per item* you're going to have to add more boxes. (Sorry just jumped in this topic at the end, I'm certain my point has already been made eleven times or more. Sorry sorry.)
This was an old post! Hovered on some users on the first couple pages and most haven't been on here in years.

Being an old post I didn't vote because I am way beyond $201+. If I added it up I would probably get way too depressed about it.
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