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Favourite preshave and why?

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
I’ve developed a standard pre-shave routine borrowed from a combination of people here. I use the PAA non-menthol Cube 2.0 in the shower twice as I wash my face with a mild facial soap by CeraVe or Cetaphil and shampoo my hair twice. I got this idea from @Chan Eil Whiskers .

When I shave, I use one of these 4 pre-shaves: the Cube 2.0, Baumé.be, Stirling, or Grooming Department. Like many people here, I’ve done lots of testing, with and without. People come to various conclusions but for me, there is a positive effect of using a pre-shave. My old man, grey brittle whiskers need all the softening they can get.

Once I discovered how much the Cube/Tube help me I never went back. I've used them as soap in the shower or sink and as a preshave before lathering every single shave since then. Good products for sure, at least for me and my skin and whiskers.

I previously tried various other preshaves. Some were pretty good. Some were lousy. None were close to the Cube/Tube, but, again, that means "for me."

Happy shaves,



Dirty Donuts are so Good.
When I started old skool wet shaving many years ago, I would shave in the shower before gearing up for work that night. My thought was, I can wash, pre soak, steam and even prep my beard well before the shave.

It really seemed to work well, no problems and great shaves.

Then I decided, to add my wife’s cream rinse to my beard before lathering up with soap and brush. It also, seemed to work well with no problems and great shaves.

I then switched to a small bottle of pre shave oil I found at Walmart called ‘Shave Secret.’ Again, worked very well with no problems and great shaves.

I retired a few years ago; and now I get to sleep in bed at night and shave at the sink like regular folks. I like to shower at night before bed and get the days dirt & grime off of me before climbing in between the clean sheets on my bed.

So now, when I wake up in the morning, I go straight to the bathroom, splash warm water on my face & neck and straight away, start lathering a shave soap and brush to my face. No warm shower first, no steam, no wife’s cream rinse or pre shave oil from Walmart?

And what I found is; if I let that face full of lather, sit for 30 seconds to a minute while I’m getting my razor ready and tidying up my sink area?

Not only does the lather and brush clean my beard and face because it’s soap and water and cleaning is what it does? I have also found, it seems to work very well as a pre shave with no problems and great shaves? Interesting yes?

I’m kinda cheap, so I might not ever spend money on something like PAA’s ‘Cube’, but it does sound like a very interesting product. :)
• my own homemade facial oil. It definitely has room for improvement (with addition of a couple more oils, plus a botanical extract) but frankly (IMHO obviously😅) it is really good. I use a combo of golden jojoba oil, grapeseed and sweet almond oil. My current version is scented with Hinoki and Japanese sweet orange. Vit.E added as an antioxidant. The grapeseed oil provides great absorption while the jojoba oil leads to an amazing shave feel. Then post shave my skin feels well moisturized. It's a little light now with the approach of autumn so will reformulate for a slightly thicker version.

This active approach appeals quite a bit. What proportions of the oils are working best in your blends?
my favorite près have is this :))
have a nice day
Pre-shave is definitely a personal option. Some it works, some it does not.
For me, it works.
I also have somewhat similar the "Gentleman in Japan" a home mix of oils (5+ vitamins ).
I have sensitive skin, thick dense fast growing stubble, that grows in all sorts of different directions.
From me, it gives me an extra layer of protection, bit more comfort, hydrates, and some lube.
I think the challenge for some is finding what works for you, your face and your shave.
If the pre-shave is to heavy and it does not absorb well, it can clog the razor and mess with your soaps characteristics.
So, that is why I believe a lot shavers may to use it. Plus it is another step for them and they don't want that.
What I am leading at there is no silver bullet pre shave process.
I up to the shaver, if they choice to, to find what works for them.
So if a shaver is going through the whole process, new razor, new blade, new soap...to many variables.
They will most likely miss something that matters.
Take the changing steps one at a time...
So, that is it for me.
I waffle between Proraso white preshave and Duke Cannon Best Damn Beard Oil. That one because I picked it up at the local Meijer store. I don't really notice a difference but have only been using them for a short time.
After many attempts with glycerine soap, which gives a reaction, today I patted my face with cold water for two minutes, submerged different parts of my face in the sink for seconds and washed with a cleanser. Finally I used the bloomed water from my SV puck as a preshave and left it there while I bowl lathered. Best shave I’ve ever had, first time my face doesn’t itch or burn in months


I shaved a fortune
What: home mixed prep shave oil, 6 different oils <cold pressed - organic>.
Why: because it works for me

I made my own pre-shave oil based on a few online recipes. It was a disaster. It just clogged up my razor and added nothing to my shaves.

My wife liked it as a moisturizer, however.

I posted my current routine above.

I am in full agreement with you: whatever works!!!!!!
I like using preshave when I have the time.
I like Proraso Green as it has a great menthol kick and scent and clears the head first thing in the morning.
I also like Trumpers Skin Food in Sandalwood which has a great scent and slick feel.
Neither of these products are oily or anything like that, they both work excellently for me.
Just using shaving soap is perfectly adequate but these are the preshave I like when I have the time.
Proraso pre-shave cream is very good, but I've recently become fond of Razor Emporium pre-shave bar. Creates a nice slickness on my face and makes the shave soap stay foamy longer. It's a pretty large bar and should last for a number of months.
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