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How international were you today?

I think these threads are interesting. Today I visited:

1. Germany (Speick bath soap)
2. Canada (NatureClean shampoo)
3. Czech Republic (Spokar brush)
4. United Kingdom (Harris Almond ss)
5. India (Parker razor)
6. South Korea (Dorco blade)
7. ? Middle East (Tulumba alum block)
8. USA (Ivy Club aftershave)

Good products, one and all. I doubt I could get any more global - can anyone top me?


I got moves like Jagger
For my shave today.....
1. Canadian brush - Fendrihan house brand
2. UK cream - RSC
3. American razor - Slim
4. Russian blade - Rapira SS
5. French alum - Osma
6. Italian AS - Floid Blue
1. USA -Gillette Fatboy Adjustable
2. Russia -Astra SP blade
3. China -Best Badger knot in a polished-up VdH handle
4. UK -Mitchell's Wool Fat
5. USA -Witch Hazel
6. Spain -Floid Amber Vigoroso
7. Germany/USA -Nivea Sensitive Balm
1. Germany - Shavemac brush
2. Germany - Tabac soap
3. Germany - Muhle R41 Razor
4. Japan - Feather blade
5. France - Bloc Osma alum block
6. Italy - Proraso liquid cream AS
1. Germany - Speick stick
2. USA - Rudy Vey 2011 LE
3. Germany - Merkur 34C HD
4. Pakistan - Treet Durasharp
5. Canada - RazoRock Alum
6. USA - Thayer's Witch Hazel Aftershave
7. Italy - Proraso Aftershave Splash
8. USA - Vintage Shulton OS cologne spray
I've never thought about it before.
Let's see where we went today:
E.O Essentials Shampoo - USA
Old Spice Body Wash - USA <--Ran out of soap, had to use it :sad:
Malaspina Coconut Soap -- Canada
Malaspina ASB -- Canada
Gillette Toggle -- USA
Feather blade -- Japan
Rooney 3/2 -- UK

hmmm. not too international for me.
For the Shower:

-Irish Spring Body Wash (USA?)
-QCS Shampoo Bar (usa)
-Bath Poof (China)

For the Shave:

-Sauve Conditioner (face prep. USA)
-Surrey (tallow, vintage) Shaving Soap (USA)
-Burma Shave Boar Brush (likely China)
-Silver Plated Gillette Atra handle (USA) with Wilkinson Sword Blade (USA)
-Dickenson Witch Hazel (usa) scent with Rose Water (Turkey)
-Aqua Velva Ice Sport AS (USA)
-Wal-Mart Cool Water Clone Cologne (likely China)
For me it was,

Hot water care of Severn Trent UK
Erasmic supreme lather stick UK
FS finest stubby, chubby China
Merkur 34cHD Germany
WH with menthol UK
Erasmic ASB UK
Brut Instinct France

Mainly European then...apart from China
Portugal - Musgo Real Glyce Lime Soap & Aftershave Balm
Spain - La Toja Stick
Germany - Sir Irisch Moos Cream
England - Edwin Jagger Shaving Mug
USA - Gillette 1938 Senator Razor & Elite Razor Brush
India - 7 O'Clock Black Ninja Blade
Canada - RazoRock Alum
1. England - MWF soap
2. India - Treet carbon steel blade
3. Japan - Feather Popular Razor
4. Canada - Razorock aftershave wax
5. USA - Le Labo Rose 31 EdT
6. France - Osma alum block, L'Occitane shampoo, conditioner, & face wash, Pre de Provence Lavender shower soap.
7. Mexico - washcloth & towel
8. Portugal - Smegue boar brush
9. China - hair brush
10. Germany - electric water kettle
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