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How international were you today?

1. England - Yardley's English Lavender (shower)
2. Germany - Merkur 34C
3. United States - Georgetown G5 scuttle
4. Russia - Astra SP blade
5. China - TGN Finest knot in a *STAR* handle
6. England - D.R. Harris Arlington shaving soap
7. Germany - No. 4711 Eau de Cologne
1. USA - Ivory bar soap, JASON Tea Tree shampoo, Dr Woods Black Soap w/shea (shower), 1956 Gillette Red Tip, Thayer's Medicated Superhazel
2. England - MWF superlathered with TOBS Lavender (wow!)
3. Italy - Omega 31025 "Scarlatti" (my favorite brush)
4. China - ceramic lathering bowl from World Market
5. Russia - Voshkod blade
6. Portugal - Agua Lavanda Puig (aftershave, slightly diluted)
7. France - Caron Pour un Homme

1. I'm American
2. I had Ethiopian coffee this morning with
3. Belgian waffles and
4. Dried mangoes brought back from the Philippines
5. Came to work in a German Volkswagen where I taught
6. Borges from Argentina and
7. Calvino from Italy to
8. South Korean kids planning on attending college in the US and
9. the UK

Oh, and I had a burrito for lunch. With Thai Sriracha sauce :)

All this took place in Seoul.

PS: I didn't shave today ;)
1) Gillette Razor -USA
2) Prorasso Preshave- Italy
3) MWF - UK
4) Witch Hazel- Canada
5) Prorasso- AS- Italy
1. Woke up in Singapore
2. Next to an Indonesian wife...
3. GFT Badger brush - China?
4. GFT Limes ss - UK
5. Gillette Mach 3 Turbo - no idea
6. Pantene shampoo - actually made in Thailand
7. L'Occitaine conditioner - France
8. GFT Limes skin food - UK
Portugal - SOC brush
Italy - Proraso soap
USA - Gillette flare tip superspeed
Russia - Gillette 7 O'Clock yellow blade
Germany - Tabac AS and Nivea balm
UK - me
Thailand - where I shaved
USA - Gillette Tech and Baja brush handle
China - 22mm Super Silvertip badger knot from TGN
Italy - C.O. Bigelow Cream
Russia - Gillette 7 o'clock sharpedge (yellow)
played in a golf tournament in Indonesia
with several Americans, Koreans, Thais, and one Spaniard
Flying overnight to Hong Kong so I can report to work in China tomorrow
oh yeah..this is about shaving....
British brush, American cream, razor with an Egyptian head, handle from Thailand, and blade from Thailand
Aftershave from Thailand
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A lot of what we might think of as Western brands are made in Thailand. After my earlier post I checked my Listerine mouthwash this morning - made in Thailand.
Ah, OK, yes - a lot of them are indeed locally made (My wife reckons some cosmetics brands made here are lower quality, like Olay, and has me bring her favourites with me from the UK)
Germany - Muhle brush
USA - Crabtree & Evelyn Sandalwood soap
USA - Gillette NEW open comb razor
Israel - Blue IP razorblades
Portugal - Musgo Real Aftershave
What AS do you have from Thailand? I'm there now, and I've found nothing native.
I bought this at Foodland for US$0.86 / bottle. It's a menthol splash. It's made by British Dispensary Company in Thailand. They also make the famous Snake brand Prickly Heat talcum, which is very nice.

I bought this at Foodland for US$0.86 / bottle. It's a menthol splash. It's made by British Dispensary Company in Thailand. They also make the famous Snake brand Prickly Heat talcum, which is very nice.

Oh, wow, thanks - I'll be popping into Foodland next time I'm near (which will be soon). And yes, the Snake brand Prickly Heat powder is great stuff - we use it all the time here.
Turkey - horse hair brush Nr. 7
Turkey - Arko stick
USA - Schick twin blade disposable razor w. built-in protective cap
USA - Target witch hazel
Germany - Nivea Sensitive ASB

Two passes plus touch-up, just to get through the day (Starting to sound like SOTD)

More later this evening

Turkey - horse hair brush Nr. 7
UK - Body Shop Shave Cream, <2008 formula
USA - Super Adjustable, O-2, set at 4
Pakistan - Treet Durasharp carbon, 3rd & last shave
USA - Target witch hazel
Germany - Nivea Sensitive ASB
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Japan - Feather All Stainless razor.
Israel - Red Personna blade.
Mexico - Packaging of Personna blade.
Germany - Muhle brush.
England - T&H West Indian Limes shave cream.
Italy - Floid Blue AS.
Omega 10049 - Italy
L'Occitaine CADE - France
1961 Gillette Slim - USA
Personna Blade - USA
English Leather After Shave - USA
Seized! Cologne - USA
ITALY: Proraso Preshave Cream
ENGLAND: SIMPSON Polo 10 Best Badger
SCOTLAND: Castle Forbes Shaving Cream Levender Essential Oil
SCOTLAND: Castle Forbes Aftes shave Balm
NORWAY: Fitjar Lathering Up Shaving Bowl
GERMANY: Wacker Jubiläummesser Mod. 2
JAPAN: Kanayama Cordovan #30000
PORTUGAL: Eau de Cologne LAVANDA Ach. Brito (Thanks for Leon!)
HUNGARY: Where I shaved :001_smile
USA. Gillette Slim.
Turkey. Derby Blades.
England. Wade Shave Mug.
England. Simpson Colonel. ( a company local to me ).
England. TBS Maca Root.
Germany. Old Spice AS.
Germany. Nivea ASB.
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