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How international were you today?

1. USA - Mama Bears shaving soap, Dirty Bird scuttle
2. Germany - Puma straight razor
3. UK - Simpsons brush

Not sure where my shampoo, etc.. comes from - presumably either USA or China?
Proraso cream - Italian

EJ Best Badger Brush - English

Merkur Progress - German

Astra blade - Russian

RazoRock Alum - Thailand

Clubman - American
Netherlands Razor - Muhle R89
Russia Blade- Vokshod
Italy Soap- Cella
UK Brush- New Forrest
France Soap Bowl- L'Occitane
Netherlands Razor - Muhle R89
I whish that was true but they are German...:sad:

For my shave;

Italy; Proraso pre (sensitive)

Egypt; Lord Lp1822 razor

India; Supermax SS (green/yellow)

Turkey; Arko Sensitive shaving cream and Arko C cream as a balm

UK; Vulfix #10 boar/badger brush

Curacao; Alcolado Glacial AS

China; steel brandless bowl for my shaving water (I never let the tap running while shaving)

Germany; Mühle razor & brush stand

the Netherlands; tap water and gas to heat it.....:wink2:
England: 40's Rocket DE razor
Russia: Astra SP blade
China: Boar knot
USA: Plum handle for the boar knot
USA: Col Conk Bay Rum SS
USA: Cremo (as a pre-shave)
USA: Witch Hazel
USA: AV Ice Blue
I can't top you but here was mine:

Soap - Dove (USA?)
Shampoo - L'Occitane (France)
Razor - Merkur (Germany)
Blade - Derby (Turkey?)
Brush - Semogue (Portugal)
Cream - TOBS Sandalwood (UK)
Aftershave - Grey Flannel (USA?)
Hadn't thought of it in those terms, but not very international.
Schick C3 Magazine Repeater (USA)
Personna 74 injector blade (USA)
Van der Hagen Deluxe soap (USA) in a…
Surrey Shave Mug (USA)

But the odd man out would be the VdH "Luxury Badger Brush". Don't know where it was made, but not likely to be America.

Actually, I doubt that any of my brushes would be American made.
Razorock Shave Gel (Canadian)
Vito's "Red" Shave Soap (Italian)
Glycerin (USA)
Vie Long Horse Hair Brush (Spanish)
Schwazweiss Scuttle (German)
Edwin Jagger DE89 Razor (English)
Zorrik Blade (Indian)
Bloc Osma Alum Block (French)
Feather Kanwa AS Balm (Japanese)
Mine wasn't terrible diverse today!

Russia - Astra
Germany - Merkur Slant, Tabac
USA - Saville Row brush, TSD splash
Mine wasn't terrible diverse today!

Russia - Astra
Germany - Merkur Slant, Tabac
USA - Saville Row brush, TSD splash
Actually, I think the brush should probably be moved to the German or England category. I thought they were made now by shavmac... I think mine says made in England, but it's old.

Emulsión Myrsol from Spain
Kimson Vu Silvertip from Vietnam
Tabula Rasa Vetyver & Tangerine from Germany
Mühle R89 form Germany
Dorco ST-301 from South Korea
Musgo Real ASL from Portugal
Canada- JM Fraser's Polar Ice
UK-Edwin Jagger DE 89
Germany- Muhle head on the Jagger
Brush- USA
Balm- eBarber USA
Blade- Israel
English brush: Simpsons Commodore X1
French Soap: Pre de Provence
American Razor: Aristocrat
Indian Blade: Gillette 7 O'Clock Green
German ASL: Speick
French ASB: Pre de Provence
King1976 custom brush - Croatia
RazoRock shave cream - Italian product via a Canadian online retailer
Straight Razor Designs scuttle - USA
Edwin Jagger Barley Chrome razor - brit handle German-made head
Gillette Super Plat blade, black - India
Thayer's WH - US, I think
Pinaud Classic Vanilla A/S - I don't know where from

Tonight - Johnny Walker Black - Guess!
Let's see here,.

Merkur HD - Germany
Personna Prep Blades - U.S.A.
Omega Brush - Italy
Westphal's Shaving Cream - U.S.A. (vintage 1950ish. Yeah, it's still good. In fact, it's great!)
RazoRock Aftershave Wax - Canada
Ogallala Bay Rum After Shave and Cologne - U.S.A.

Interesting to think about.

Astra blade - Russia

Gillette Slim - USA

Arko Stick - Turkey

VDH Boar Brush - ?

Old Spice Original - USA

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