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How important are scales to you?

How important are scales? and which type do you prefer?f

  • I will only consider a razor with the original scales

  • Give me something fancy and unique

  • Who cares? As long as it shaves, I'm happy

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Do you only look for original scales? Do you prefer fancy, custom scales?


Do you only look for original scales? Do you prefer fancy, custom scales? Or do you not care, as long as it shaves?
Post what material you prefer em to be made of as well

If its not something exotic and exciting, I like micarta. Ideally, snakewood and abalone do a lot for me
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Important to me as well. It all depends on the blade, but I like a variety of materials. For me, I like original unless they're cheap.
The razors that I own have their original scales but I hope to have Glen do one of his magical blade polish and rescale jobs to them when I have the spare coin.
If the originals are nice I'm happy. don't think of them to much. its the blade. If they are crap I will just replace.
Though I like original scales or scales made out of a really nice material, I shave with the blade and not the scales. As long as they provide the necessary balance and aren't falling apart, look ok then I'm good.
I don't really care. I just started str8 shaving. Bought a pair of Swedes at a deal on the BST and they shave well. Maybe when I'm old and bored I'll start caring...
I don't care if they are original or not, but I really don't like plastic. I like the things I have to be unique and have character. Everything has a story behind it, and I like to be able to recognize that. I'm a big wood fan.
No preference. As long as they are functional, I don't really care what they look like. I'm more concerned with the quality of the metal bit between the scales.


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I like original scales, but if theyre completely shot ill work with wood (my favorite) or acrylic


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Nice scales are nice, but the blade is the important bit. If I see a nice blade with rubbish scales I will always pick it up, especially if it means I get it for a few bucks cheaper. Then I just make new scales, usually out of acrylic.
I don't worry to much about the scales, although if in nice shape that's a plus, but to me the blade is much more important to me.
I prefer some brands with the original scales becouse they are part of the design, but normaly I don't care if they are in good shape.
Depends on the razor, but generally speaking I'm happy with either original scales or custom scales. I do like the scales to be in decent condition though, which is why old scales with lots of chips, cracks, etc... probably get replaced in the first place.

I will say though that a really old razor with original scales in decent shape is something special.
Not that bothered with scales, i like, if possible to have the original scales, but have no worries to re scale if needed.
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