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How do you use Random.org for a PIF?

I'm thinking of doing a PIF soon and I know I've seen people say they use Random.org to pick the winner.

I just checked it out and I'm not sure how it is being used to do that?

Say 20 people say they want the PIF. Do you just assign each person a number off to the side and then just have it pick a random number from 1-20?

I was thinking you link it to the thread somehow and it picks a winner but I'm thinking that is not the case now.

Anyone know, am I missing something?

You use the number assigned to their post.

In the upper right side of this post I am #2, then you put in the number of posts in the thread say 30 and then generate a number.
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Oh, ok. That makes sense.

So if there are 20 people that want it and there were an extra 6 people posting throughout the thread, I'd pick a random number from 1-26 and just keep doing it until it picked a number that was a post from someone that wanted it, right?
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