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GIVEAWAY! 100 Treet Falcon Blades PIF

Welcome back! The Falcon was among the top tier in my carbon Treet trials. In fact, the only knock on it was that it was more expensive than some of the other Treets -- but here's Eric just giving them away!

Whoever wins this is getting a blade that's a proven solid shaver in a range of razors. Good luck!
(I'm not in.)
Respectfully not in. Eric It’s great seeing you back doing what you do best. Your kindness is what the world needs more of.

Best wishes,


Not made for these times.
Good morning, my friends.

Through random selection we have a winner.

Step right up @Koop 🎉🎉🎉

Congrats, sir! Please PM me your contact info and I will get these blades mailed out to you.

Also, thanks to everyone who inquired about my move. I appreciate your kind words, as always.

I have another PIF coming up next month. Stay tuned! :)

- Eric
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