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GIVEAWAY! Free Razor Blades - June Newbie Blade PIF

Welcome new members!! Want some free razor blades?

I will be picking a new member to PIF (Pay It Forward) a double edge razor blade sample pack.

For this PIF the rules are simple - Just post in this thread "I'm in".

This PIF is open to all new members who have registered on B & B in the past 12 months. New members worldwide are eligible.

The winner will receive a selection of 20 different blades from B & B’s very own Great Blade Exchange.

I'll pick a winner in a week, or so. Good luck!

If you have blades you would like to donate to the Great Blade Exchange, please PM me.
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Great PIF! Thanks for doing this for the community and Newbs. I won already so respectfully not in but we appreciate you doing this. 👍
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