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GIVEAWAY! Let's start June's PIF a little early

I really want to be in, but I'm well fixed for blades. I had a pack of these probably 20 years ago but I never bought more. Recently I ordered some but I received the Indian ones instead. For the cost I wasn't even going to try for an exchange or refund.
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I'm giving away 100 Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless blades.

If you like these blades or want to try them just say "I'm in" and they could be yours.

This PIF is open to all members in the US and Canada.

Even if you've won a PIF from me before please feel free to enter.

I will randomly draw a winner on Friday June 14th.

Make me happy and throw your hat in on this one friends.

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I see that you are at it again my friend. Another very generous PIF. Good luck everyone! Respectfully NOT IN.
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