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GIVEAWAY! 100 Treet Falcon Blades PIF


Not made for these times.
Good evening, friends. As promised, I'm starting up my PIFs again.

100 Treet Falcon Blades. If you like these blades or would like to try them, just say "I'm in" and they could be yours.

This PIF is open to all members in the US and Canada.

I will randomly choose a winner on Thursday, May 16th.

Even if you've won a previous PIF from me don't hesitate to throw your hat in on this one.


- Eric

@Eric_75 I hope your move went well.

I've had so-so luck with Treets, but the Dura Sharp is really good. I haven't had the chance to try a Falcon and I've heard good things about them, so...

I'm in!

Thanks for the opportunity.
I have never entered one of your constant PIFs, but I do appreciate your generosity and effort. I like the Treet platinum and that logo/graphic has got me though. I'm in!

Here's to hoping you settle in without issue.
I‘m in. Welcome back, Eric, and thanks for the generosity and kindness you add to this forum! Hope all is well with you in Nashville !
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