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How Do I Take Care Of Wood Scales?

I was looking at a straight that has wood scales. I have never owned a straight with wood scales before. The listing says the wood is "sealed and polished". How do I take care of the wood so it stays in optimum condition?
If it's sealed you shouldn't have to do much other than keep it clean and dried after use. As with any material with age it will lose some of its shine, depending on what material and what it's finished with you should be able to buff/polish it back up.
Just make sure to dry it well between use.
If you feel the need to do something further use this stuff Renaissance wax
Good advice right there ^

If you can't get hold of Renaissance, regular furniture wax or even pure beeswax will do the job.
Actually a good quality beeswax candle is a good source for some nice polishing wax. Just rub the candle on the scales & then polish like a madman with a soft cloth.
Same treatment goes for bone, ivory & horn scales too.
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