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Well seeing as I won Tom's scuttle recently, I believe it's probably the done thing to offer something else up. And I, probably, have too many stones. So let's offer a few out, just asking 15 bucks toward shipping...

None of these are the poshest, fanciest stones known to man. But you should be able to take a razor all the way from quite beaten up through to shave-ready using them if you've not got other hones yet. Or if you do - these might be something a bit different, and it's always fun to try new stuff! Winner doesn't have to take all of them if they don't want, can just let me know which they'd like.

Norton Fine India - These work around 600-700 grit, and are excellent knife and tool stones. For razors it'd be for heavier duty repair work. Very hard and barely dish, so good for that. Not sure if I have a picture of this, but if you've got this far on the interent I'm sure you're able to google what they look like.

King Deluxe 1200 - Something of a cult classic, and one of the world's great whetstones. Utterly superb for knives, and I've used for bevel set on a number of SRs to good effect. Probably my most used whetstone, it's got about an inch of life left in it and am letting go because I've bought myself a new one. Second stone from the left here:


Willunga Slate - A homegrown Aussie number which I found, flattened, and sealed myself here in sunny SA. This is actually a cracker of a stone, and feels glorious to use. I've made dozens of slate whetstones, and this is one of two I got out of the best quality piece I've found. It's the fourth stone in the picture above.

UK Slate - I don't know what these are for certain, but they're likely to be Welsh hones, probably the grey type of Melynllyn that was marketed by Salmen. You can have any one of the stones in this picture apart from the middle. (The two on the right are proper full-size 8x2 benchstones for reference).


BBW - I've had some lovely finishes off BBW, and personally find them a little easier to use for that than yellow cotis. Though this *is* a small stone - probably 5x1 and quite thin.


BBW Slurry Stone - Coticule and BBW slurry stones are fun, because garnets make everything faster, and that might be useful on slates! I'll chuck in one of the BBW nagura at the bottom here if you fancy.



To play just say you're in, and post a pic of one or more of your favourite hones. Or if you don't have any - don't (just say you'd like to play). Assuming we get some interest I'll draw a name in about 10 days time. I won't be sending these until early in the NY I'm afraid, but doing this now as I'm in the UK atm, and will need to know to bring some of these back to Aus with me...
Awesome. Respectfully not in, because I have had the chance to try many of these hones, and don’t want to take a ticket off someone else, but they are all good stuff. Do yourself a favour and get in on this.

Thanks Oli.
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I’m in! Definitely would not want more than 1 or 2 pieces, such as one of the slates. I already have a King 1200 for example. Below are a few of my hones. My favorite hone of all is the black Ark in the front. The hard Ark behind it is also high on my list and the pale green in the back is a Shapton 2k, my go to bevel setter.

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