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Hollander & Casselman: First Published Paper on Shaving. now online

Factors Involved In Satisfactory Shaving -- PDF from the Journal of the American Medical Association (the original publisher)

This is the first and probably the most important report ever from a clinical study on shaving. It set the standards and techniques used in shaving "science" ever since.

The long lasting impact of “Factors Involved in Satisfactory Shaving” can't be underestimated. They report on a variety of issues studied over 4 (or 6) years in the first shaving clinic established at The Mellon Institute. The report covers the basics of how to get a good shave, including necessary prep time, proper blade angle and how adjustments affect the shave, how to reduce irritation, factors that affect blade life, ingrown hairs, and a variety of other issues. They even quantify irritation by measuring the quantity of skin removed during a typical shave.

I've quoted from it a lot, and am happy it's finally online and free from a legitimate source so everyone can see it. That's 2 of 3 that I referenced in A Short Survey of Scientific Literature on Shaving along with Observations on the Cutting of Beard Hair. Here's hoping for others.
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