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Hiromoto Knife Sale

Hi folks,
I'm running the 4th special buy of Hiromoto Aogami Super steel knives at another forum that I hang out at and thought that you guys might be interested in it as well. The jist of this is that I buy the knives after the orders are placed, I install new custom handles, sharpen, round and smooth any rough edges, and then ship them off to you.

These knives are very highly thought of and known as work horses with great value but they come with crappy handles and there's where I come in. The knives are somewhat unique in that they are stainless steel clad wrapped over a carbon core - the best of both worlds. :001_smile

This sale will be shut down as soon as we have enough orders to meet our minimum requirement, this seems to take about a week normally. We're not trying to get the most amount of orders possible, but just enough to get the discount because this ensures that we maintain a sustainable work load.

Note - Delivery times will be between 8-12 weeks after the close of the sale but please understand that these times are only estimates and may fluctuate as this is custom work being performed and often can take longer than expected.

If you'd like to see the list of what's available to order please see Hiromoto AS Rehandle #4

Thanks and should you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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This question just came to me in a PM and I thought that it might be a good idea to post it as well as my answer since maybe others are wondering this as well.

Interested in this group buy -- does the price shown include the rehandle and is there a choice of wood?

DaveMartell said:

The price listed is for the knife, a re-handle, spine/choil smoothing, and Level I (powered) sharpening service.

Options/upgrades are a mosaic center pin in the handle, hand sharpening (Level II), and a poplar semi-custom saya.

For wood choices, I will offer a list of woods (with pictures) that we have on hand when the time comes. We can also go shopping with you to get you something that you like. The only stipulations that we have to apply is that I won't work with tropical exotic poisonous woods like cocobolo (etc) nor crack prone woods like ebony and snakewood and most importantly I have to obtain woods from a reliable source known to the knifemaking community that uses a known stabilizing company. All of the woods we use are stabilized so as to avoid warping/cracking issues that may arise from prolonged use in a wet environment like a kitchen.

Thanks for your questions, if you should have any others please feel free to ask.

I have a hiro as that was rehandled by someone else and have to agree that these are great knives. Dave would you be able to match my other handle if I ordered a petty?


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Hi chef,
Is that micarta and what color?

I can likely get the material but I may only be able to get close to the shape so I'd have to go with no I couldn't match it in exactly. Also, I prefer to use liners between the scales and tang/bolster too so this would be a difference as well.
Its a canvas micarta. If you can get close to the shape with micarta I might just have you redo this handle also so they match. I am not really happy how this micarta gets kinda dull after use and wash. Would like somewhat of a gloss over the micarta.
As I understand it canvas micarta doesn't stay polished well so some people coat the handle with CA glue and then buff it. I can't say that I'm in love with that idea though.
Here's a couple of handles that I did in "blue jeans" micarta that was made by my friend knifemaker Lloyd "Butch" Harner.

I have one block of red 'n black of this stuff that's big enough for two knives. :001_smile
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How well does linen micarta hold a smoothness? Like the jcK forum knives or the hattori kd? Would that be an option?
I have a JKC forum knife, a 210 mm gyuto. I used it in a professional kitchen for about a year. The handle held up great. Despite being smooth the handle still has a lot of grip, even when my hands were oily or bloody I didn't have a problem with the handle slipping or the knife turning in my hand. It really isn't a high gloss finish, it's not a flat black either its some where in between.
Just thought i'd chime in here for a second... i had a chance to see one of these rehandled beauties in person about a week or so ago and was really impresses. Dave does an excellent job and his attention to detail is astonishing. For anyone on the fence, i strongly recommend getting in on this. The fact that you know its going to be sharp is just an added convenience when you consider the quality of the craftsmanship you are getting in his custom work here.
Here's three that I just finished for a customer. All three done up in ancient New Zealand Kauri wood. This stuff is over 30,000 yrs old! :001_smile
Hi Dave-

These look pretty sweet and the work done on some of these handles may push over the fence. Is the Kauri wood an option with one through the group buy? That seriously has me close to grabbing a 240mm!

Thanks Jon! :001_smile

My wood guy is trying to get more of this kauri from the same place and quality that he got before. If he can get some, then yes it'd be available, but he's having a problem making a connection with them right now. I wish I had a better answer especially since several others have also asked as well.

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