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I think, also, a lot depends on the carver. One man's bulldog may be meh, while another's may be sublime. I'd try to find a shape that the carver is known for (last year's pipe is a perfect example).

Would I would like to see is perhaps going with a signature pipe by the maker. Along with the finish. Not really “I tried a new thing”.

If we have the carver nailed down then I’d opt for their bread and butter or ‘signature’ style

All of this. I think sticking with the carver's unique style and what they do best is the way to go. That should keeps costs within reason, provide a good example of the carver's niche, and be an all around nice LE.
I'm interested but can't commit... as for shape I am really into Dublin pipes at the moment, but I also agree that the carvers niche should probably be heavily favored. Either way I don't have much right to say on shape since I'm non-committal (but I really do want to this year, kinda just to say I have one higher end pipe).
A bit expensive. Before I say yes, it depends on the looks of the pipe.
If I don't like it, I don't buy it.
The good thing is, I like a lot of things.

Good work. How much he needs minimum? And how much maximum?


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Good work. How much he needs minimum? And how much maximum?
Minimum and maximum number of pipes or Minimum and maximum cost.

As of now there are no minimum or maximum number of pipes to be made. More is probably better. Price is what it is. We’ll try to keep it as low as possible but the price of decent briar and life in general is going up.

As I said earlier, I think this may be last year of sub $300 dollar pipes unless we can find a really new carver who needs the practice. Then it’s just a crap shoot regarding quality.
I'm interested, just need to make sure the funds are allocated for such a purchase :laugh:

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I'm always interested, but frankly it's getting harder to justify the cost of buying a new L.E. pipe. I've purchased eight of the previous L.E.s and always regretted it when I passed on one. That being said, I've had my fill of short stemmed pipes no matter how nice. If it's a short stemmed pipe this year, that will be a hard no. I prefer Dublins, Zulus or Peterson style jaw hangers, but not to the exclusion of other traditional styles. So if I like the proposed pipe style, then I'm still 50/50 on whether to buy one. That's the best I can say for now. A medium sized bowl would be preferred.
I'm casually interested. It would have to be a pretty spectacular pipe to get me to drop close to $300 on a club pipe. I agree with the others who have expressed a preference for the maker's signature style of pipe. All else being equal, it guarantees a higher quality pipe.

If that style happens to be a poker, bulldog or billiard, count me out. If it's a bent plateaux Dublin or a Peewit, I'll find the money somewhere, even if I have to sell some razors...


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Quick update. The Artist Proof pipe is done but the carver has been extremely busy getting ready for the Chicago Pipe show. We won’t be announcing until AFTER the show so start expecting more info in the second part of April.
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