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FS Willam Collins Knife For Sale

Please read through the following carefully.
(Posted: Tues, 6-4-24 @ ~11:00PM EST: @EdHeart)
Knife (with shipping/ins included: $475)

For your consideration is an absolutely awesome and pristine William Collins Daily Chore custom build.

Bypass what is currently a nearly 10 month wait for a knife, unless it is a special release with special parameters. This is a custom knife ordered through Great Northern Knives in Alaska and it took nearly 8 months for this to arrive. Mr. Collins is a one man shop and this Daily Chore was built entirely by him.

Specs of this Daily Chore custom (Never carried):
  • AEB-L Stainless with William’s proprietary heat/cryo treat to about 59-62 Rockwell.
  • Multi-Grind Edge with a Distal Taper (You’ll note in the pictures how the blade becomes narrower toward the tip. NOT a tip meant for prying tasks.)
  • Black Sure Touch Handles (really nice to hold/grip.)
  • Red Liners
  • Black G-10 Pins
  • State of Alaska Mosaic – Red (really pops beautifully in the black Sure Touch.)
  • Hidden lanyard loop with an extended pommel: ground to 90 degrees.
  • Leather Sheath (I applied several coats of Obenauf Leather Conditioner to make the leather a bit more supple and confer some water protection. This darkened the leather a bit bringing out a more baseball glove color. Highly recommend Obenauf.)
  • Included is the original leather lanyard
  • Also included: 12” lengths of black and yellow reflective paracord.
  • Edge: Mr. Collins produces a frighteningly sharp toothy/working edge. This edge on this Daily Chore is pristine shop new. I’m including something of a collector’s item. A Band-Aid dispenser. He closes all of his videos with, “…Bring along plenty of Band-Aids…”
The only thing that might be considered modified on this knife is the application of the leather conditioner to the sheath.

  • Blade Length Overall: ~4 7/16”
  • Cutting Edge: ~3 7/8”
  • Blade Width (Taken just beyond the scales.): ~1 ¼”
  • Finished Blade Stock Thickness (Taken just beyond the scales.): ~3.75mm/.15”
  • Handle Length: ~4 ½”
  • Handle Width (approx. at widest point in palm swell across the mosaic): ~ 1 ½” (This handle is not for small hands. Large handed gents should find this more than comfortable to hold.)
  • Overall knife length: (approx. pommel to tip): ~ 9 ¼”
  • Spine and pommel are a pristine 90 degrees sharp making it useful as yet another tool. Based upon my experience with a couple of other knives I have from him. The spine is really useful for producing fat wood shavings and scraping veggies and of course scraping a fero rod or magnesium block for fire starting. The pommel could be useful in scraping out spoon bowls if you’re whittlin’ on a stick!

Sharpening this knife couldn’t be easier: truly easy. Mr. Collins has several videos on how to accomplish this.

  • This Daily Chore will look awesome on your belt and serve you well for a lifetime of game prep, woods craft and other outdoor pursuits. This is an heirloom quality knife that could easily be passed on to family members for multiple generations.

  • DO NOT baton or pry with this tool. I agree completely with Mr. Collins on the rationale for NOT using a knife to baton wood (he’s quite a few videos on this subject/rationale as well. Search his channel here: William Collins - https://www.youtube.com/@wcknives). I carry a camp axe/hatchet for those sorts of chores.
Why let this go?

I have a couple of other WC Knives that I’ve been reaching for and using. This knife has never been carried and it needs to go to someone who will love exercising it for the multiple uses it was built for.

The break-in of this knife will be ALL yours to enjoy.

This William Collins Daily Chore is a beautiful and unique piece that you won’t have to wait 6 or more months to obtain. It will last a lifetime of use.

Thank you for your consideration. DM me with any questions.

Shipping will be Priority Mail - Insured with Signature required upon receipt.

US SALES ONLY. Sale is Final.

Daily Chore (Badger) (1).JPG
Daily Chore (Badger) (4).JPG
Daily Chore (Badger) (5).JPG
Daily Chore (Badger) (7).JPG
Daily Chore (Badger) (8).JPG
Daily Chore (Badger) (11).JPG

Daily Chore (Badger) (10).JPG

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