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Henson Medium Opinion

A few questions to help quench my curiosity:
Does it change for you if you use a heavier handle with it?
On how many days of growth is it?
Are your strokes longer than, say, an inch?
Do you lift the razor head off the skin between strokes in the same direction?
I haven’t tried it with a heavier handle. I’ve attached heavier ones and handled it, but didn’t like the balance shifting so far from the head. I may actually try it with a lighter one to see how it behaves when the balance is more “head heavy”, but the reduction in weight would probably negate any advantage. I shave daily, but I do have a fast growing beard that is dense and coarse. Short strokes, always lifting the head.
It makes me wonder whether the lather you used with it isn't too thick as such.
It should be easy to test - if you were to use a few drops of e.g. sunflower oil mixed with water instead of lather to get something very slick but "non-blocking", it should help show whether playing with the lather wouldn't sort it out.

I realise that I might be almost overhydrating my lathers, which might be why mild razors work just fine with me, even when their lather slots are tiny or thin.
Mine feels like a damp cloth on the skin, and the peaks are a little droopy even after vigorous whipping. It's still slick, which I can also check just by giving the lather a test by rubbing a little between my thumb and index finger. It just looks like adding any more water would break it down.
If it doesn't feel like a damp cloth when on the skin, I work in some more water.
If it starts to break down before it feels like that, then I generally either bin the soap, pass it on, or use loads of it to make sure it won't start breaking down and to use it up quickly to be rid of it that way.

I find that sort of lather give me good glide, works a treat with mild razors without clogging them or causing them to glide over hair without shaving it and it also provides just enough cushion to use with aggressive razors and shavettes.
I wouldn’t say my normal lather is too thick for more standard razors, in fact I believe most would find it too wet. Your description of your lather seems similar to what I shoot for. I just have to go a little wetter with the Henson mild. Stirling soaps hold their slickness very well when going wet and thin. I also find Jack Black Beard Lube to work well (similar in concept to your oil and water idea).

To be clear I rather like the Henson, both in mild and aggressive. I just think it can be deceptively tricky to nail down. It doesn’t pose the same challenge with shaving angle as a standard de, but there can be hurdles with lather and pressure.
Been a few days but here's a followup. I tried the RR BBS OC with an astra blade to try and compare it to the henson medium as close as I can. To me, there no discernable difference between the two. Both very mild. Just now I tried the Henson with a Feather blade and it did much better, but I don't feel it's enough to warrant keeping it. Granted my technique with the henson in theory should have been better this go around as I was figuring jt out the first time, but I still stand behind my previous remarks.
For about two years I honed my DE shaving skills with a Gillette 195. It will always hold a special place for me but once I was introduced to the Henson family of razors, I never looked back. Are their better razors out there? No idea. My suggestion is to use the razors that you enjoy the most. Consistent excellence is what I demand and the Henson delivers.

Henson Razor First Use: October 14, 2021
"First ever Face and Head shave with the Henson AL 13 Mild. I had my doubts with the small blade gap but the results just blew me away! Ridiculously good!"

Henson Usage (number of shaves) through 10/24/2023
Total shave with Henson Razors: 695
Detailed breakdown by aggression:

Henson Mild = 326
Henson Medium = 103
Henson Aggressive= 268

Paul aka the self proclaimed Henson King

Henson Mild = 326
Henson Medium = 103
Henson Aggressive= 268
I am tempted to try the Henson razor but I am never sure which aggression to go with. I think I like a medium but the Henson Mild also seems to be adequately aggressive for most people.

Can I ask why you seem to have shaved less with the Medium than the others?

If you had to pick just one of the three razors could you? Or do you use the three different aggression levels for specific purposes?
I have tried medium and mild. I think I prefer mild but I need more shaves. They are interesting razors and I find shaving with Henson is fun.

Karve Overlander I still find to be better than Hensons.
In what ways?
I've been pondering getting an Overlander for variety, so thoughts would be appreciated.
Overlander feels smoother..it just feels better on face. Maybe it is because of the head design. And the end result with Overlander is magic.

Henson is an interesting razor like I already said. But Overlander gives me better results. Overlander is not so exciting in a way because it delivers every time so to speak.
I enjoy all three but if I had to pick one it would be the medium. I've been using the medium exclusively for a few weeks now and I'm really happy with the consistently excellent shaving experience that the medium delivers.

Henson Usage (number of shaves) through 11/11/2023
Total shave with Henson Razors: 715
Detailed breakdown by aggression:

Henson Mild = 326
Henson Medium = 121
Henson Aggressive= 268
@PersistentlyBlunt apologies for not answering your first question: "Can I ask why you seem to have shaved less with the Medium than the others?"

Looking at the data I provided , one could easily assume that I like the medium the least.

I started with mild and used it exclusively for about six months. Then through the enablement of my friends on this wonderful forum (particularly in the Henson Razor Club) I decided to give the medium a try. I really liked it and thought that would be my new daily driver. Hold on though, same forum, I learned that Henson had a limited release of the AL13 aggressive. The aggressive until recently, was a titanium only option. I had to try it!
I used the aggressive for about five months. Then I decided that I really wanted a Ti22. After much contemplation I decided on the mild. Used it again for months. Throughout the last two years the medium was literally the forgotten child. I suspect if the current trend continues, the medium will be the leader in terms of usage by the end of 2024*

*assuming Henson doesn't release a v3 anytime soon. Then I'm back to square one. :)

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