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Henkel 7 Day Set With seven different finishes

Finally got around to shaving with the Henkel Seven day Set .Posting the results .
Sat Escher Super Smooth Finish
Sun Apache Almost as Smooth as the Escher
Mon Welsh Slate Soft Keen edge .Just a little behind the Escher
Tue Blue/Green Thuri Soft as the Escher
Wed Nakayama J-Nat Very Keen and Smooth
Thur Belgian Couticle Softest of the lot .But not as sharp as the Ecsher or J-Nat
Fri Unmarked J-Nat Very Keen and Soft

My Top Two edges were the Escher and Nakayama .But all the edges delivered a great shave .
Cool idea!

Do you re hone often. I'd be interested in the longevity of the different edges. My synthetics often go 80-100 shaves, but thuri edges not as long. A recent thuri edge went under 50 shaves. Not a large sample size, and I have no idea why this would be, but that's my experience. Other slates have been similar.
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I will post on edge longevity .But it will take a while .I hone several days during the week .Mostly restoring Vintage razors .
Well yeh. I also typically use a seven day rotation so that's only 52 shaves per year on each razor. I just note the date that the razor was honed and then count weeks when I want to see how long an edge lasted.


Alfred Spatchcock
You could do a pass-around with that set and then compile all of our findings for a true assessment.

I'll be the first volunteer. Touch them all up. Send the set to me, I'll use it for a year or so and then send it along to the next guy.

Actually thats not a bad idea .I am restoring a poor mans 7-day set .It is a set of 5/8 George Butler ART Shakespeare blades. The only rule I would change is the time frame of use from 1 Year to 3 weeks .That way many more members will get to experience different edges .It will take me 3-4 weeks to restore set .I will post a sign up list when set is restored .
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